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Panta Rei...

This Greek proverb says “Everything changes and everything is in flux”. Nothing else can be said for our "never ending story". Practically every day, watch lovers contact me and pour their grief out, or (and this pleases me greatly) give up their thanks to me. The latter for the fact that I glean verifiable information regarding the Hamburg LSU and release it in clearly understandable text form into the public domain, something that is now obviously contributing to the fact that Mr. Rathmann is delivering one or two of his watches.


…and everything’s alright!


A never-ending “watch” story finally finds its end. Remember my client and the IWC? - Here is the last column regarding this "case": After the shop assistant had transferred the purchase price as well as a compensation sum to our client's account, our client returned the watch - now I am reliably informed, my fees have also been paid.


The never ending story …

“It does move!“ – No, I don't mean Galileo Galilei, but the parties concerned in the matter of my client. Last Wednesday, the CID in Hamburg got in contact with me – the public prosecutor's office had passed on my charge against the manager of a Hamburg-based watch trader to a commissioner who had already co-ordinated the inquiries against the manager's previous company.


Field Tests: No-name watches, bargains & watch special offers

As a lawyer and watch collector I understand very well why TrustedWatch don't wish to report about some watch brands – however, as a columnist I am allowed to do this. Currently I am conducting a "field test", in which I consciously buy reasonably-priced automatic watches by auction. Famous name brands are listed, and the shops make countless promises – we intend to see whether these promises are being kept.


Emotions beat intellect 1:0

Who does not know this feeling: Wow, this watch, this is it! I want to have it (no matter what the cost). Whoever approaches such a watch purchase also approaches legal limit ranges, not from the bottom (as is recommended if possible), but rather from the top. To pay justice to the truth: I also was (and am) not free of such thoughts, but thanks to my wife, who in such cases legitimately brings me back under control, I am capable of reducing my emotions to a reasonable level.


Trust, look who...

I came upon TrustedWatch by accident. A good friend and client of my firm is responsible. He, who had been made aware of valuable watches by a colleague, decided about four months ago to buy a rare IWC from the 70s through the platform Chrono24 from a Hamburg dealer. He transferred the purchase price (nearly 3000 EUR) and waited for the arrival of the watch. And waited and waited and waited ...