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Crime solved after 17 years Gold Rolex watch leads to brutal robbers

(09/2011) With the help of a retired watchmaker from Frankfurt am Main, the CID in Eschwege were able solve a much publicised armed robbery on a businessman in Königstein that took place in June 1994.

Success for the Spanish Police 80.000 fake luxury watches seized

(09/2011) The Spanish police in Palma used an anonymous tip-off to land an impressive blow against the international bootlegging mafia. At a raid on three garages in the Playa de Palma, a total of 80,000 fake brand-name and luxury watches were seized.

Decision finally reached regarding the legal case Swatch wins Russian domain case at the 3rd attempt

(06/2011) The Federal Court of the District of Moscow confirmed in a decision from the 23rd of May 2011 the current position of the Court of Appeal as well as the Court of the Region of Moscow regarding the domain name According to the Federal Court it was correct to forbid the use of this domain name to the owner of the domain, and to oblige him to transfer this to the Swatch AG.

Caution with online watch auctions Online auction risks: AUCTIONATA auctions off luxury watches live

(06/2011) Online auctions have become a standard practice thanks to Ebay. In the meantime, many other auction portals have appeared on the internet, some of which have as wide a range as Ebay, some of which specialise in a certain product. With the live auctioning off of luxury watches, AUCTIONATA, the Austrian start-up enterprise, is currently starting off along this road, promising "the first real-time auction of luxury watches on the internet.“

World Anti-Counterfeiting Day Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie started a campaign against counterfeiting

(06/2011) The Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie (FHH) started a campaign to show the true face of counterfeiting and raise public awareness. The Foundation's latest campaign tackles counterfeiting from a new angle and asks: "Do you have a choice? Don't be a partner in crime." It appeared in the British Financial Times newspaper today on June 8th, media partner of the FHH. The campaign features a picture of a watchmaker at the Manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Controversial strengthening of the Swiss Made label Differences emerge at the Swiss Watch Industry Association FH

(04/2011) The Swiss Watch Industry Association FH is currently seeking a change in the specifications required to qualify for the "Swiss Made" label award from the Swiss authorities in an attempt to permanently protect the credibility and the value of Swiss origin. The current standard allows watches to display the "Swiss Made" label which only contain a very low proportion of Swiss-made parts.

Police Arrest Three Suspects Break-in at the AudemarsPiguet Watch Museum now practically solved

(04/2011) It was a spectacular coup: The burglary on the 15th of September 2010 at the AudemarsPiguet watch museum in Brassus in the Vallée de Joux. That night the previously unknown suspects broke into the first floor of the museum using a ladder and carried off two million Swiss francs worth of luxury watches within the space of just 4 minutes. After the robbery, the culprits fled to France.

Perpetrators brought to Justice Stolen Rolex Gold has never been seen again

(03/2011) A 24-year-old Frenchman actually stole 16 kilos of gold from the Rolex watch manufacturer's in May last year, worth approximately 500,000 Swiss francs. The man was employed as a temporary worker in the foundry at Rolex in the quality assurance department as a gold bar tester.

Domain name Tenth Arbitrazh Appellate Court confirms decision in favour of Swatch

(02/2011) In a decision rendered on 7 February 2011, the Russian Tenth Arbitrazh Appellate Court confirmed the position taken by the Court of the Region of Moscow according to which the registrant of was prohibited from using said domain name and ordered to transfer the domain to Swatch Ltd.

Mondaine against Migros Migros are allowed to sell their own M-Watch

(02/2011) On the 10th of February 2011, the Zurich Commercial Court rejected the plea by Mondaine which aimed to prevent the sale by Migros of watches under the brand "M-Watch". For Migros, the judgment is an important victory and a step towards enabling them to offer the Swiss Made "M-Watch" to their customers.

US Court rejects Tiffany case Ebay not responsible for fakes and copies

(12/2010) It's a bitter defeat for all brand manufacturers. The Supreme Court of the USA has not accepted the claim from the US-based jeweller Tiffany against the online auction platform Ebay. The highest US court, represented by Judge Sonia Sotomayor, rejected a petition for appeal by Tiffany against a previous judgment.

STOP PIRACY explain Fake and copied watches destroyed

(10/2010) The STOP PIRACY association destroyed thousands of fake watches at the Berne-Belp airport on the 28th of October 2010. Heavyweight highlight was a steam roller that crushed the timepieces into the sodden earth. Forecasts by international expert organisations say forgeries and piracy will further increase over the next few years. STOP PIRACY fights against this phenomenon using a public awareness programme, as well as strengthening the cooperation and coordination between the private and public sectors.

eBay forbidden from selling copies and fakes from LVMH eBay is responsible and will have to pay

(09/2010) In the dispute regarding fake LVMH luxury products on eBay, the Paris Court of Appeal markedly reduced their compensation demand on the 3rd of September 2010. Instead of the originally sum of 38.6 million euros, eBay must now pay "only" 5.6 million euros. This means that eBay are responsible for any forgeries and copies on offer on their site, and are required to remove these immediately and to implement suitable measures to protect branded products. Following a 2008 judgment, eBay had used software to filter out LVMH perfumes from the 200 million articles on offer daily.

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