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…and everything’s alright!

A never-ending “watch” story finally finds its end

Remember my client and the IWC? - Here is the last column regarding this "case": After the shop assistant had transferred the purchase price as well as a compensation sum to our client's account, our client returned the watch - now I am reliably informed, my fees have also been paid.

Priority should always be given to fairness, and I must concede that in the compromise regarding the amount in dispute, a misprint has crept in for which exclusively I myself must answer. This misprint would have meant theoretically a fee reduction of a little bit more than 100 euros - nevertheless, the opposing party did not contest this but instructed their accountants to pay the sum to me as legally instructed.

I am well-known as undoubtedly undiplomatic, honest, very direct and never resentful - in this respect I took it upon myself at the end of the case to completely impartially concern myself with the point of view of the shop assistant with regard to the involvement of eBay. In order that she is able to supply the appropriate proof, I do not hold it for impossible that, on the part of this platform, omissions occurred which entitle the shop assistant to the assertion of compensation claims. Further details would instigate a detailed cooperative discussion, complete with all information and evidence, so as to be able to check the legal situation.

As a reader you are probably amazed to see me, as a lawyer, possibly "on the side of the opposition“ in the future - nevertheless, on this occasion, please note that I separate my activity as a columnist strictly from my activity as a lawyer. Whosoever requires legal assistance will receive it, no matter where they are in the country, either from me or my colleagues. In this way, conflicts of interest are avoided (although here we also attempt to avoid moral, as well as legal conflict of interest).

Very often, activity follows on from a successful action for A against B by B in other cases - out of this, business relations have developed with our office which have existed for over ten years. Another thing is my principle that everybody deserves a "second chance". This is of course also valid for former opposing parties.

One thing you can be sure of:

My activities as a lawyer are never influenced by my position as a columnist - and my position as a columnist is influenced by my occupation as a lawyer only in as far as when I wish to transmit my knowledge and my experience to you, dear readers.
After the shop assistant finally dealt with the resulting problematic situation openly, and to the satisfaction of our client, I would have also wished the same attitude from, via whose platform the initial "misfortune" took place - nevertheless, from this source I received neither further information, nor a statement.

I purposely do not wish to comment on this - everyone is entitled to form his own opinion.
Now it's off to new literary shores as a columnist - I'd like to write my next article based on questions and opinions that you, the reader wish to have answered.

So please don't hesitate to contact me with your ideas, suggestions and questions at