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Thomas Graf

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The never ending story …

“It does move!“ – No, I don't mean Galileo Galilei, but the parties concerned in the matter of my client. Last Wednesday, the CID in Hamburg got in contact with me – the public prosecutor's office had passed on my charge against the manager of a Hamburg-based watch trader to a commissioner who had already co-ordinated the inquiries against the manager's previous company.

Later that afternoon, after I had received a mail with a list of questions from him, my client called me and informed me of an astonishing fact:

The managing director of the platform had contacted him. He promised that the Hamburg watch trader will refund my client his purchase price. Amazing - where had he received his information from, or does he maintain contacts with his black sheep who are presented on his platform, maintaining that his business runs complaint-free recently? The caller was identified as Tim Stracke - the very person whom I had informed by telephone at the beginning of the case that I was holding his company responsible for my client's damages. At that time he literally said that "he would find this unsporting“ – I admit to not knowing what he understands by the word sport.
My client, having taken my own advice, had in the meantime decided to cancel the purchase agreement and simultaneously to demand compensation - we're very curious as to how the opposition will react now.
Dear Reader: You can be sure I’ll keep you informed and up-to-date regarding this case: to be continued …