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Panta Rei...

This Greek proverb says “Everything changes and everything is in flux”. Nothing else can be said for our "never ending story".

Practically every day, watch lovers contact me and pour their grief out, or (and this pleases me greatly) give up their thanks to me. The latter for the fact that I glean verifiable information regarding the Hamburg LSU and release it in clearly understandable text form into the public domain, something that is now obviously contributing to the fact that Mr. Rathmann is delivering one or two of his watches.
One must, however, have respect for the reasons he has given for the delays - these reasons are accompanied by photos of two cars that have crashed, and the explanation that he has been forced to care for his daughter, as well as their cars, as a victim of this accident. Luckily she escaped unscathed, but this circumstance is said to have led to the delays. I am unable to, and do not wish to check or comment on these facts. When one takes into account that he himself is not the managing director, and has also been observed bragging to a customer that his wife is the one who deals with bank transfers, even if you spend two whole hours a day dealing with these damaged cars, there is still no excuse for the extensive delays.

It is also interesting to observe that the number of watches which he offers on has rapidly decreased. Instead, one can observe numerous watches being placed on another platform at the same time. I will inform their operator as soon as possible regarding my experiences and point out to them their risk in the area of the liability using all the evidence I have.
Ulrich Rathmann has, in the meantime, made sure of the help one of my colleagues who represents, amongst others, the view that my column serves my own acquisition of clients in particular cases. I intend to consider this, in my view, incorrect argument and take it to pieces. This on no account keeps me from writing the truth as a columnist, and furthermore to request once again that you provide me with any information you have regarding the LSU and the platform - namely in my position as a columnist (!) so that I can publish it.

Hot off the press it was reported to me, for example, that an Austrian customer received a watch into which, as was pointed out by a master watchmaker, a completely wrong movement had been installed, which had the effect that the watch could not be wound up. This customer is still currently waiting for the promised repayment of the purchase price!

Therefore, at this point, I permit to myself an absolutely goal-oriented proposal which excludes all risks for the buyer:
For those who, in the future wish to buy a watch from the LSU, I undertake to set up a trustee service, for example, using a serious and solvent watch expert / master watchmaker. After the trustee's credit standing has been checked, they will receive the purchase price amount from the buyer, which is separated from their credit amount. In addition to this, the LSU deposits the watch with the trustee. If the watch is found to be in order following a detailed check by the trustee, it is passed on to the buyer - and as a countermove, the LSU receives the purchase amount. The costs of this service should be agreed on an individual case basis and be carried proportionately by both parties.

In the end, it's up to you, but it's best not to get involved with the LSU. I close with the thought: "Honi soit qui mal y pense …"