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"Why do you drink vodka“? Every respectable Russian knows that there is only one answer to this question: "Because it is a liquid. If it was solid, we would eat it“. Although vodka consumption sank in Russia last year by 11%, this reply might still be a topical one. I remembered it when a colleague and good friend was recently questioned as to a small foible. He wears a watch on both wrists, something that is met with little understanding, resulting in the fact that he now has a reputation as an exalted snob. However, he always reacts with great magnanimity. "Why do you wear two watches?“, a curious contemporary asked him recently in a meeting break. "Because I only have two wrists. If I had more, I would wear three or four watches...“

Now I basically wear only one timepiece, but I also have to answer such stereotypical questions: "Why do you own so many watches? You're only able to wear one at a time“. Or: "Which watch do you like to wear the best?“ It's hard to say, because in reality, I have favourites that vary daily. Essential factors that influence my choice are my daily mood (in bad weather it may be a little more colourful), my appointments on that particular day, and of course – quite pragmatically – the demands which I will make over the next few hours on my timepiece. When I'm out and about, I value the alarm clock function, if I'm far from home, the second time zone display can come in useful. Instead of the pesky mobile phone tones with which some colleagues underline their importance, I, sometimes ostentatiously, enjoy the gentle sound of my repetitive watch tone. And when I'm flying, I place enormous value on the excellent readability of a pilot's watch.

So that's as far as it goes regarding the practical considerations. The watch must, of course, fit the occasion. "Is this not a wonderful "suit watch"?", Nomos boss Roland Schwertner asked me last summer when he showed me the first prototypes of the new "Zurich". Suit watch? The concept was new to me, but of course he was right: Classic outfitting requires a suitable timepiece. I mean, who wants to be seen wearing a diver's watch at a concert?

Even psychological aspects can play a part in the choice of a suitable watch. A mid-ranging enterpriser from Hesse prefers to wear his submariners watch. Because, as a rule, even a layman can recognise from which elegant manufacturer this model originates, in an attempt to divert any latent envy, this particular character always exchanges his favourite timepiece for a very discreet, 2 handed watch in platinum from a reputable house before he begins customer negotiations. Though it cost substantially more than the submariner, it does indeed look rather simple and modest to the ignorant interlocutor. And this indeed supports the motto: Be more than you seem. The enterpriser has a right laugh every time he tells this story.

Now that the question has been answered as to why a versatile person cannot get by with only one watch: It is his circumstances and his environment which influence him to choose a suitable model from his collection carefully, over and over again. And, finally, he's basically just doing himself a favour. How desolate would it be to look at your wrist, day after day, month after month, and maybe even year after year, to continually see the same timepiece sitting there. Even vodka could not cure this boredom. There's only one thing that can help – a new watch!