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Passion for watchesWelcome: Michael Brückner

 Michael Brückner, 50, has been working as financial editor and publicist for 30 years. After writing for several daily newspapers and magazines, he started his own business in 1995, opening offices in Ingelheim near Mainz and Lindau on the Bodensee. Brückner discovered his passion for watches very early in life. When he was a young editor intern, he began saving for his first Swiss luxury watch. His collection has grown considerably in the course of time. Brückner, quite the financial editor, gives an almost economic explanation for his passion for watches: “Time is a very scarce resource in our lives. However, we do not even know how scarce our time is. Therefore, it is a self-evident conclusion to measure this scarce and valuable resource with precious instruments in a respectful way. 

At the beginning, watches were Brückner’s own private passion. In the past few years, this love became more and more his professional choice. At first, he wrote articles about watches for, among others, “Welt am Sonntag”, “Financial Times Deutschland” and Vienna’s “Presse”. In 2007, his book “Uhren als Kapitalanlage“(watches as capital investment) was published by Finanzbuch-Verlag from Munich - still a bestseller today according to the Financial Times. A new edition is scheduled for the end of the year. His second book, “Megamarkt Luxus“was published in 2008. Currently, Brückner is working on a new book about watches: “Exzellenz in der Nische - die Erfolgsfaktoren der kleinen Manufakturen” (excellency in the niche- the factors of success of small manufacturers). 

From June 2009, Michael Brückner will write columns for TrustedWatch regularly. More projects are scheduled for autumn.  

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