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Emotions beat intellect 1:0

Who does not know this feeling: Wow, this watch, this is it! I want to have it (no matter what the cost). Whoever approaches such a watch purchase also approaches legal limit ranges, not from the bottom (as is recommended if possible), but rather from the top. To pay justice to the truth: I also was (and am) not free of such thoughts, but thanks to my wife, who in such cases legitimately brings me back under control, I am capable of reducing my emotions to a reasonable level.

If one cannot do this, a painful experience may be the result, so here, a few tips:

  • If something is advertised on the Internet, there is usually the opportunity to become knowledgeable about the seller. 
  • If convincing images or a reasonable description are missing, the following applies: Hands off!
  • If the descriptions of attributes are advertised as "unique", "special", or similar, use extreme caution. 
  • If the seller is not in the position to provide additional pictures of the watch upon request or give a detailed description, the following applies: Hands off!
  • If I am going to acquire a used watch through the Internet, I naturally have the papers sent to me in advance and, if necessary, briefly consult with the licensee or manufacturer - you would not believe what we have been able to shed light on (and this provides material for further columns).  
  • If the seller does not agree with the involvement of a trustee or a secure payment system, again: Hands off!
  • If a dealer is praised by a platform as particularly trustworthy, one should ask oneself, why this is happening. Possibly characteristics are incorporated into such an evaluation, which can neither be verified by the customer, nor perceived as an advantage.
  • Before spending several 1000s of Euros on the Internet for your dream watch, you should definitely read the dealer’s general terms and conditions - sometimes you will find the most amazing things.

If there actually is a dispute, the one with an advantage is the one who has private legal expenses insurance. The insurance covers at least the lawyer and court costs for the watch that one purchased as a "consumer. In spite of this, disappointment and aggravation often remain. 

I hope you must never fare the same

Best wishes,
 Michael Winter