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Book tips

Carlo M. Cipolla: Gezählte Zeit. Wie die mechanische Uhr das Leben veränderte

ISBN: 3-8031-2343-7

Informative yet light, it is just the right book for pleasurable holiday reading.

Christoph Prignitz, Christian Pfeiffer-Belli: Erotische Uhren – Zeit für die Liebe

ISBN: 3-87188-052-3

Estelle Fallet: TISSOT - 150 Jahre Geschichte 1853-2003

ISBN: 2-94033-310-6

Fritz von Osterhausen: Paul Ditisheim Chronometrier

ISBN: 2-88380-020-0

Gerd-Lothar Reschke: Das ZEITGEFÜHL-Uhrenbuch

ISBN: 3-938607-61-0

One of the most delightful books about watches ever with a lot of information about all the better known watch manufacturers! The pictures of various watches are printed in top quality. Altogether a superb book for everyone who is into watches.

Gerhard König: Die Uhr. Geschichte, Technik, Stil

ISBN: 3-7338-0065-6

This book outlines all stylistic periods and illustrates them with a dazzling array of photographs of all kinds of watches. Furthermore, the author analyses the effects of trends in fashion on watch manufacturing and designing and deals with the history of watchmakers and their guilds.

Heinz Hampel: Automatic Armbanduhren

ISBN: 978-3766712288

This highly valuable book provides a comprehensive overview of all non Swiss watch manufacturers. In addition there is an explicit overview of the manufacturers including what calibers they use plus the specifications.

J. Michael Mehltretter: Die Noblen aus der Schweiz

ISBN: 978-3-89880-682-4

John Goldberger: 100 Superlative Rolex Watches

ISBN: 978-8862080316

John Goldberger: Sammlerträume – Die hundert berühmtesten Rolex Uhren

ISBN: 978-3871881060

Klaus Menny: Die Uhr und ihre Mechanik. Für Sammler und Liebhaber

ISBN: 3-87870-687-1

This book comprehensively illustrates the various components of mechanical watches. It is more specifically addressed to the committed collector rather than to an interested layman.

Konrad Knirim: Militäruhren. 150 Jahre Zeitmessung beim deutschen Militär

ISBN: 978-3893552320

Konrad Knirim is a recognized expert and a proven authority in military watches. He was an occasional author in various watch magazines over the past few years. His long anticipated book of watches of German forces is the undisputed reference work for anything involving the timepieces of the German military forces. The author, who is a collector by passion, deserves high praise for this comprehensive and thorough documentation. There is no real alternative to this book.

Michael Brückner: Uhren als Kapitalanlage

ISBN: 978-3-89879-152-6

Michael Horlbeck : Horlbecks Lexikon der Uhrenmarken

ISBN: 978-3-86852-022-4

Prof. Dipl. Ing. Ludwig Lehotzky: Technische Grundlagen der Mechanischen Uhren

ISBN: 978-3-980557-3-7

The new edition of the book “mechanical watches” closes the gap in the current technical watch literature. This book helps watchmakers, designers and enthusiasts to conceive the essential technical refinements of clocks and watches.

Ralf Baumgarten: UhrMenschen

ISBN: 3-89896-222-9

“It is not only the time which is displayed with a watch. It can tell you a lot about its wearer, just like an individual piece of jewellery. It even can be sort of a second face, as to be seen in “watchmen”. The photographer Ralf Baumgarten portrayed 50 of such “watchmen”. The result is an absolute worth reading and seeing treasury.” (FAZ 20.12.2005)

Werner Heinrich: Mechanische Armbanduhren aus Glashütte 1950 bis 1980

ISBN: 3766717197