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    Alain Silberstein

    The watches that Alain Silberstein has been producing for the last 23 years have a unique style, with geometric forms and mechanical movements engaging in mischievous dialogue with a rainbow of colours and range of materials. His artistic approach to Haute Horlogerie sometimes surprises and often delights. His Krono Bauhaus, Marine and iKrono collections make up a decidedly sporty trilogy, for both formal and leisure wear; meanwhile the Alain Silberstein Tourbillon d’Art collection zestfully ventures into new worlds and uncharted territories.

    Antoine Preziuso

    Antoine Preziuso has been an independent watch designer since 1980, when he ranked first in his year at the Ecole d’Horlogerie in Geneva. He is highly regarded in the world of Haute Horlogerie, and launched his own brand in 1996. The philosophy of Antoine Preziuso Genève revolves around three core values: independence and creativity fired by passion. His watches enjoy total creative and commercial freedom, and display unfettered diversity, exploiting daring aesthetics, new techniques, and rare materials like meteorite. The brand's top-of-the-range positioning is reflected in its limited production and total control over quality. Clients can be sure of totally personal service – from committed enthusiasts, for committed enthusiasts.


    Based in Geneva Switzerland, Aquanautic’s flagship store stands in the center of the historic Place du Molard (Molard Square Clock Tower), where, centuries ago, the chiming of the clock announced the arrival of docking merchant ships. Today, a place steeped in harmony and history houses a modern store filled with innovative, nautical-inspired timepieces. Aquanautic, a name meaning «inspired by water», is pioneering the future of contemporary watches. Entirely Swiss manufactured, AQUANAUTIC™’s one-of-a-kind steel designs masterfully balance the union of aesthetic beauty and technical ability. The only Swiss watch to feature total l y interchangeable par ts, AQUANAUTIC™ watches include straps, bezels and bands that wearers can rearrange into hundred of variations to create the ideal customized timepiece. Each water-resistant, handcraft piece is carefully inspected to ensure a perfect fit, finish and accurate timekeeping.

    Aspen Jewelry and Watches

    Welcome to Aspen, made in Switzerland. Aspen is internationally known for its natural beauty, perfect slopes, and the glamorous appeal of its famous visitors. Aspen Jewelry and Watches, has been granted the worldwide license to use the Aspen name for the collections it is introducing, the first being the limited edition of the first watch: Aspen One. The heavy and precious Swiss-made timepiece offered in four color combinations of 18 kt white or rosé gold, carries unique features that communicate elements specific to Aspen. A specially-designed compass shows you where you are once on top of Aspen Mountain, and the watch tells you when it is time to change your ski-strap to your après-ski strap (done in a few seconds with a technique similar to removing a ski from a boot) at four o’clock.

    Ateliers deMonaco

    Ateliers deMonaco is a new premium watch manufacturer based in Monaco. The brand develops a Nouvelle Horlogerie by creating iconic timepieces that are derived from the passion to challenge existing conventions: “We have always dreamt about making a mechanical watch movement that is the most precise in the world and will keep generations of scientists busy trying to figure out how we did it!” Ateliers deMonaco proudly belongs to the exclusive list of watch brands that develop and manufacture their own high-end movements & complications in-house.

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    The Badollet philosophy combines luxury, human values and respect for watchmaking tradition. Just like the work of the Badollet dynasty, the latest Badollet timepieces look both to the roots of watchmaking and the latest technology in expressing the neo-classical spirit for which the brand is famed. This neo-classical identity involves revisiting watchmaking tradition with the eyes and knowledge of the 21st century – respecting the industry's history, and the people who wrote it, in order to better what has been on offer until now. Or, if that's not possible, to do at least as well.


    The French watchmaking brand BRM embodies the strength of commitment and spirit of competition that has fired Bernard Richards since he was a boy. A veritable watchmaking dynamo with a passion for precision mechanics, Bernard Richards believes in pushing himself to the limit in pursuit of exploits and ultimate pleasure – whether in the field of motor sport or cutting-edge technology. BRM have been making watches for over 25 years, deliberately avoiding large-scale production to produce 2000 watches per year, all fully assembled at their manufacture north-west of Paris. BRM watches display exceptional mechanical sophistication: amazing timepieces for anyone lucky enough to get hold of one!

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    Cabestan mirrors the image of its creator Jean-François Ruchonnet: different, extreme, out of the ordinary… and above all provocative! The Cabestan concept was dreamed up by Jean-François Ruchonnet on the back of 25 years' experience in the world of watchmaking. The Cabestan Winch Tourbillon Vertical, designed in collaboration with Master Watchmaker Eric Coudray, explores a new dimension of audacious, ultra-exclusive haute horlogerie, where watches break free from traditional watchmaking codes to become works of mechanical art, generating an intense emotion reserved for aesthetes and true connoisseurs of wonderful mechanisms… the ultimate in luxury!

    Cecil Purnell

    The only Swiss luxury watch brand to concentrate exclusively on tourbillons was named as a personal tribute by its three partners – who have more than 80 years' watchmaking experience between them. The brand's new maison caliber, produced by watchmaker Cédric Grandperret and his team, has provoked an excited reaction among aficionados and sales outlets around the world. Cecil Purnell timepieces – whether sports watches or classic models – can be personalized to order in limited editions, and transcend specialist savoir-faire. In their quest for perfection, Cecil Purnell display a purist's approach to finish and materials – typified by their Hamberge model, a true brand ambassador.

    Claude Meylan

    Montres Claude Meylan SA are based in the tiny village of L’Abbaye du Lac du Joux in the heart of the Swiss Jura – the home of luxury watchmaking. The brand respects tradition by allying innovation with cutting-edge technology, producing magnificent timepieces like the Claude Meylan Vallée de Joux collection with its richly variety of models.


    The century-old Clerc brand, based in Geneva, has been rejuvenated in recent years by watch designer Gérald Clerc and his innovative timepieces. Gérald Clerc represents the firm's fourth generation, and strives ceaselessly to conceive today the luxury watches of tomorrow. His hi tec-de luxe designs – conceived as individual works of art, with no compromise on quality – embody a radical new departure. The Hydroscaph, one of the brand's latest creations, perfectly illustrates this philosophy: the case, composed of over 75 elements, required a totally novel construction procedure… and total creative freedom!

    Cornelius & Cie

    Cornelius & Cie is a high-end watch brand based in Geneva, Switzerland. The company was founded in 2007. The driving force behind Cornelius & Cie is the world-renowned Dutchman Kees Engelbarts. The company's name is derived from Engelbarts' first name – Kees being the diminutive form of Cornelius. Cornelius & Cie craft extremely exclusive timepieces in very limited editions. The first collection features vintage watch movements in proprietary cases, blending classical style with innovative design. Customers have the option to personalize their watch with bespoke engraving and/or precious and exotic materials.

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    Hd3 Complication

    After years working together at Team Styling, Jorg Hysek, Valérie Ursenbacher and Fabrice Gonet unveiled Hd3 Complication in 2004. The brand is based on three designers' creative passion for exceptional 21st century watches: Hd3 Complication offers a subtle blend of haute horlogerie and the technologies of tomorrow's world. This innovative approach stresses total creative freedom: each member of the trio is like a painter seeking perfection as he conceives and designs his own exceptional timepieces, in line with his own style and artistic world.

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    « Past…Present… Future…Come Magically Together… » The Jean-Mairet&Gillman brand, founded in 1999, draws its references for timepieces and its traditional craftsmanship from a long line of watchmakers. It was César Jean-Mairet’s dream to combine his passion for watches with a family tradition of watchmaking, mechanics and science. The result is an exclusive collection of timepieces that pays homage to heritage and classicism.

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    Ladoire Genève

    Ladoire Genève is a forerunner among makers of luxury, avant-garde Swiss timepieces with complications. Under the Helvet Mechanic label, the brand has created RGT (Roller Guardian Time), an extraordinary timepiece, with its micro-rotor automatic winding caliber made by Ladoire Genève itself. Like an haute couture fashion house, and in conjunction with leading Swiss artists and craftsmen, Ladoire Genève conceives, designs and produces each component of its watches, granting them an avant-garde aesthetic firmly anchored in the 21st century… when watches have become the ultimate male accessory.


    Launched in 2006 by Morten Linde and Jorn Werdelin, LINDE WERDELIN watches and clip-on instruments have redefined the world of luxury sports watches by bringing together the very best of Swiss watch making and craftsmanship combined with innovative Danish design and avant-garde technology. By combining both analogue and digital technologies, LINDE WERDELIN, produces and manufactures the ultimate sports watches and precision instruments (The Rock & The Reef) that securely clip on top of the watch to enhance the sporting experience whether in the mountains or underwater. LINDE WERDELIN specialises in producing small watch series between 22 and 222 for each model.

    Louis Chevrolet

    The spirit and values of Louis Chevrolet, the legendary Swiss-born racing driver and automobile constructor, have inspired the eponymous watches to which brand-founders André and Josette Saunier are passionately committed. All technical and design aspects of their Frontenac limited edition collection are handled in the Louis Chevrolet workshops, where nearly all the components are produced and the movements are decorated. The manufacturing process ends with final assembly and quality-control. Such an approach gives the brand optimum flexibility and ensures it can meet all its clients' demands for top-quality watches – ranging from limited series to unique timepieces.

    Louis Moinet

    Louis Moinet are among today's most creative watchmakers. Armed with numerous patents, the brand has recently unveiled a number of worldwide innovations – including the Tempograph, the first watch with a retrograde mechanism and visible cam; the Jules Verne chronograph, with its unique two-position lever-system; and Magistralis, the world's first watch to feature an authentic piece of the moon… to be premièred exclusively at GTE 2010. Louis Moinet concentrate solely on making mechanical watches in limited editions for an exclusive clientele – pursuing the approach of founder Louis Moinet (1768–1853), the master watchmaker whose clients included Napoleon Bonaparte.

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    Magellan Watch

    Magellan Watch is a niche producer of exclusive and innovative timepieces based on a signature globe-dial design under a pronounced convex sapphire glass. Magellan is based in le Locle, at the heart of the Swiss watch industry and takes its name from the famous navigator and explorer Ferdinand Magellan, in 1521 the first person to circumnavigate the world. Beside the standard collection, Magellan produces limited series or custom pieces in steel or 18 ct gold for collectors, royalty and golf enthusiasts.

    Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps

    Founded by Denis Giguet – one of the rising stars of 21st century watchmaking – in 2007, Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps is more ambitious than most young brands would dare. To memorize the past in order to enrich it by proposing new, functionally avant-garde timepieces… these are the main tasks this audacious company has set itself. Displaying a mastery of the latest technology that makes haute horlogerie a constantly evolving art, MCT offers cutting-edge solutions with the overriding goal of representing the passing time with precision and elegance.

    Marvin Watch C° 1850

    New Time New Codes. The Marvin Watch Company is a fine Swiss watch making brand founded in 1850, whose central beliefs have never been so true as they are today: passion, audacity, ethical approach and humor. After distinguishing itself in more than 70 countries, not only for the quality of its movements but its modern, inventive and elegant aesthetics, Marvin is again brushing aside watch making codes, under a team of professionals driven by its image. Marvin enjoys an outstanding reputation for beautiful, mechanical and quartz, reliable and precise watches – rich in history and style. Always exceed expectations.

    Marvin Watch C° 1850

    New Time New Codes. The Marvin Watch Company is a fine Swiss watch making brand founded in 1850, whose central beliefs have never been so true as they are today: passion, audacity, ethical approach and humor. After distinguishing itself in more than 70 countries, not only for the quality of its movements but its modern, inventive and elegant aesthetics, Marvin is again brushing aside watch making codes, under a team of professionals driven by its image. Marvin enjoys an outstanding reputation for beautiful, mechanical and quartz, reliable and precise watches – rich in history and style. Always exceed expectations.


    METAL.CH is the star player in the oversized Swiss watches arena. Perfection, innovation and creativity allied to the most advanced technology are the principles which guided the design of the METAL.CH watch collection. The recognizable and genuine shape of METAL.CH watches is underlined with 3 key elements: the famous double protection crown device, the particular of-colours dials, the star-shaped logo. Solid stainless steel, accurate Swiss movement, "diamond coated" glass are few among the best components that have been selected to manufacture the watches. Real rose gold and black PVD coated versions broaden the assortment.

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    Peter Tanisman

    After placing his talents at the disposal of top watchmakers and jewellers for many years, Peter Tanisman began creating his own timepieces in 2008. He now produces exceptional watches in his Geneva workshop – unique timepieces often embellished with dazzling jewels in the purest tradition of Swiss craftsmanship. Peter Tanisman's designs, halfway between neo-classicism and modern/contemporary, display technical prowess and a finish close to perfection: the fruit of a perfect mastery of craftsmanship savoir-faire.

    Pierre DeRoche

    As designers and manufacturers of unique movements, Pierre DeRoche cultivate rarity. Mechanical jewels of this kind require infinite patience – with each detail, however tiny, receiving meticulous attention, in order to attain the level of perfection to which Pierre Dubois, the brand's CEO, aspires. As this modus operandi is respected at all times, and as Pierre DeRoche do not design watches so much as living timepieces injected with their creator's soul, only a few hundred watches leave the brand's workshop each year: a philosophy diametrically opposed to the practice of industrial principles.

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    At the end of the twentieth century, 5 engineers decided to embark on the mis crazy adventure ever seen in the watch making world : to create a completely transparent watch. The idea of dfesigning a watch that was completely see-through has occupied the greatest minds in the watchmaking profession for more than 100 years. In Geneva, after 7 years of research and development, the Quinting manufacture, spearheaded by Pascal Berclaz, brought to light the first working prototype of a transparent watch. The innovation is not limited to one part of the watch, but applied to the whole mechanism entirely made of sapphire. As true luxury objects, Quinting watches appeal to the dreamers who are not looking for what they need but for what they desire.

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    Rebellion Timepieces

    Launched in 2008, Rebellion Timepieces are a young and audacious independent Swiss high-end watch brand. Rebellion’s timepieces are crafted in extremely limited quantities, with precision-engineered cases and exclusive movements; each timepiece has an exclusive movement produced in Switzerland in very limited numbers. Rebellion Timepieces are geared toward the fiercest of individualists: Rebellion create trends rather than follow them. Generating deep emotion, Rebellion’s exclusive and ageless watches provide a sophisticated and powerful contemporary identity for today’s dynamic generation.

    Robert & Fils 1630

    Robert & Fils 1630 enjoy what is probably the longest watchmaking tradition in the world. Abram Robert was one of the first watchmakers in Swiss history. In 1630 he was appointed by the municipal authorities in Le Locle look after the town clock. Nearly a century later, in 1725, Josué Robert was named 'Watchmaker to the King' by Friedrich Wilhelm I of Prussia. Over a period of nearly 400 years, the Robert family has designed hundreds of mechanical movements for the watch industry. Now Gilles Robert, the inheritor of this amazing heritage, has revived a unique watchmaking tradition by creating exclusive timepieces in classic contemporary style. Each watch made by Robert & Fils 1630 uses fully restored Robert calibres, and is designed with the help of ancestral know-how and a variety of enamelling and other techniques.

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    For over a century, SAINT HONORE has been synonymous with the world-famous “Paris-Style”, and have created collections of unrivalled design. From Paris to New York, and Tokyo to Dubaï, the brand’s exceptional watchmaking expertise exerts an irresistible attraction on those who love contemporary pieces. Backed by “Swiss Made” quality, a unique spirit, high-status materials and bold finishes, SAINT HONORE offers watches, jewellery and accessories that reflect and interpret today’s desires. Today SAINT HONORE is a truly global brand with a presence in more than 50 countries and is a fast growing style icon and creative force to reckon with.


    As the cradle of the finest watchmaking firms, Switzerland has seen the birth of the most prestigious brands. The reputations of these companies is public knowledge. Now Snyper have joined them, representing the latest in horological innovation. The brand's philosophy and designs offer a challenge to established codes. Snyper have signalled their arrival by unveiling a unique, top quality, Swiss-made timepiece – a high-end exclusive sports watch with an aggressive look, produced in a limited edition. Snypermania is set to hit the Geneva Time Exhibition!


    Dick Steenman has been known to Asian art collectors and watch connoisseurs for many years, especially for his hand-made engravings. Now Steenman is presenting a new concept, originally conceived for driving sports cars. After several years in the making, involving a host of tests and technical improvements, the concept has emerged as a watch. With its unique 'bayonet' system, this highly individual watch, with its striking design, oozes technical prowess. All Steenman watches are produced in-house thanks to vast savoir-faire acquired down the years – whether in design, CNC fabrication, or the art of engraving and working with enamel and mother-of-pearl.


    SwissKubiK represent all the values of a committed watchmaking team. This young brand has come up with a revolutionary concept to satisfy the most exacting requirements of leading watchmakers. What's it all about? SwissKubiK is a watch-winder, with a resolutely modern, innovative design, housed within a minimalist 10cm cube devoted to the continuous rewinding of automatic mechanical timepieces. SwissKubiK watch-winders can also be personalized or designed specifically for antique watches or collection timepieces.

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    Tempvs Compvtare

    Preserving the ecosystem is a challenge we can no longer ignore. To Tempvs Compvtare, watches are an ideal vehicle for increasing public awareness of this crucial issue: the sands of time are running out, and we must act now to save our common environment. The brand seeks to redefine the values of luxury by adopting an eco-active approach, with each Tempvs Compvtare edition supporting an association actively involved in the defence of species which are under threat yet essential to our own survival.

    Titanium Cargo

    Titanium Cargo is the challenge Yvan Wicht has set himself. This 32 year-old Lausanne entrepreneur, keen to enter the world of watchmaking and produce authentically contemporary timepieces, is launching the Titanium Cargo brand with his father-in-law – who has been involved in the design and distribution of top level brands for over 30 years. The Titanium Cargo range embodies a masterful contrast between the sober luxury of titanium and pink gold, and the exuberance of diamonds and polished finish: a rare combination reflecting perfect knowledge of materials and jewellery savoir-faire. The brand's official launch – and the unveiling of its Cargo Stone and Cargo Rocks collections – will take place at the Geneva Time Exhibition 2010.

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    "The truth about a man can be found in what he has to hide" as André Malraux once said. That sums up the intriguing message conveyed by Côme de Valbray and his team with humour, conviction, impertinence and a concern for detailed perfection. Côme de Valbray – a graduate of Lausanne's Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale – is passionate about achieving the right balance between technical rigour and aesthetic purity. After a wealth of experience in the watchmaking industry, he founded his own brand in 2009. Valbray watches boast a revolutionary double-display mechanism, the product of highly demanding work by gifted professionals; its taut, sensuous outlines blend contemporary style with uncompromising audacity, energy and elegance.


    More than just a brand, Volna is a breakthrough concept in the world of watchmaking, blending the heritage of the Soviet watch industry with all that's best about modern Swiss watchmaking. This young firm, founded in 2006, has rapidly made its mark through its bold, creative approach and expert use of complex materials like Grade 5 Titanium. Volna's unconventional approach provides an offbeat vision of watchmaking: timepieces that can lay twin claim to an atypical historical heritage – the Soviet submarine fleet – and sophisticated, highly contemporary design.

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    After working for the most prestigious Swiss watch-making companies for many years, Ali Zandidoust created his own brand in 1991. His creations are the fruit of oriental inspiration combined with the meticulousness and precision of Swiss watches. Ali Zandidoust never works from drawings or sketches. The creative process invariably starts with no more than a rough piece of metal, which he manually sculpts from the block using a file, saw and chisel. The uniqueness of the curves and forms makes it impossible for his creations to be reproduced on an industrial scale, even with the use of modern equipment. There is no substitute for the handiwork of a craftsman. It is for this reason that only a limited edition of each item is produced.