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Dieter Rinow in his element: pocket watches

A Junghans pocket watch, which Dieter Rinow from Cologne inherited from his grandfather, triggered his passion for watches. Today, Dieter Rinow delivers insight into his collection of old pocket watches from all over the world on his website BODIEZ. For pocket watch enthusiasts, the abundant photos of many exceptional time devices are a pure pleasure.

Passion for church clocks Peter Kuban’s church clock magazine

Hans Peter Kuban has an unusual passion. His hobby, or better his passion is church clocks. In his private church clock magazine founded in 1981, time seems to have stopped. On two floors, Hans Peter Kuban presents several dozens of old treasures in the former Steinhaldenfelder Bunker.

True treasure trove Paul’s hobby: collecting watches

Paul’s watch website is a true treasure trove for mechanical watch enthusiasts. Here the watch collector can find diverse information on wristwatches, pocket watches, clocks and more. The section “buyer beware“is of special interest to every watch fan. Here you can find very useful illustrations concerning imitations and marriages.

The world of Steffen Pahlow Passion Tourbillons

This watch website has just as little in common with a “standard” watch homepage as a quartz watch has with a mechanical Tourbillon. On his website, Steffen Pahlow from Bad Nauheim offers exceptional insights into his passion – the Tourbillon. The design is out of the ordinary, and at first glance, the menu navigation is not very logical. The reader needs time to figure out how the menu works. A lot of insider information on Rolex watches

With "Oysterworld", Johannes Knoebel from Heppenheim runs one of the most informative private websites about Rolex watches in German and English. Here, an avid Rolex enthusiast with much commitment has made his comprehensive knowledge available for free to a large audience.

True treasure trove Everything about the Breitling Navitimer

Jean-Michel’s private website is a true treasure trove for those who love the Breitling Navitimer. This French website highlights all aspects of this popular pilot’s watch in detail. Beside comprehensive information on the history of the watch, you can find many pictures of all editions, instructions and all technical specifications.

Beautiful pictures Antonios Vassiliadis - fascination movement

It is the inner workings of a watch that makes the watch enthusiast's heart beat faster. If you are fascinated with the precision and finesse of a mechanical movement, then Antonios Vassiliadis’ website is definitely worth a visit. Antonios Vassiliadis gives unique insight into many exceptional movements and shows beautiful pictures of these highly complex and miniaturized technical worlds. 

Great Software Breitling World Time

Breitling World Time brings the world time to your desktop. Moreover, the freeware of the famous watch manufacturer converts numerous measurement units. If you enter your location into the Breitling World Time computing instrument, the software displays time and the time of sunset and sunrise.

Breitling-Konfigurator The right watch for everyone: Breitling in Japanese

Everyone who is interested in Breitling watches is spoilt for choice given the multitude of the models and possible combinations. On the Japanese Breitling website, fans of the brand can now try out every combination available in that country and find out the corresponding reference number and the current selling price.

Unique information Time Recorders

On Werner Schmid’s website, one can find unique information on attendance recorders and watchman's clocks, a quite unusual area of expertise that is still rather neglected in the watch literature. Werner Schmid was one of the few acknowledged experts in his field. Werner Schmid’s passion for time recording and watchman’s clocks is expressed in numerous unique articles. The classification of time recorders and the timetable are equally exceptional.

IWC GST Aquatimer Roger Rügger - Point of No Return

He is THE expert when it comes to diver’s watches. On his extensive website, Roger Rüegger gives a unique overview of diver’s watches. The extensive and very interesting test reports are obligatory reading for connoisseurs! Many of his photographs connected with texts, which are objectively sound and based on facts convey a very good impression of the tested watches.

Interesting reading material Konrad Knirim – German military watches

He is one of the international experts when it comes to German military watches: Konrad Knirim. It is hard to describe the enthusiasm and commitment of the Mechanical Engineer from Düsseldorf, who holds a doctorate degree in physics, for this subject. Apparently, military watches exert an incomparable fascination upon him.

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