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The international trade with pre-owned watches largely consists of auctions. However, there are big differences among the individual auction houses concerning the organisation and carrying out. Whereas in small auction houses, you can possibly get hold of a bargain, normally you find high-valued collectors´ watches or even collection liquidations in big houses. Anyhow, basically all traditional auction houses work comparably and provide the participants with a great alternative to traditional shops. TrustedWatch has compiled a list with the known auction houses.


Auktionshaus Michael Zeller


Buyers and sellers of high-quality watches now have a committed auction partner and personal service provider in the form of At, watch lovers and collectors can buy or sell their favourite models via an online auction, securely and globally. Comprehensive service is guaranteed: from the description, watchmaker evaluation and high-resolution photos through to receiving offices and a collection service.This service is also suitable for watch dealers, either as bidders or sellers.



Fellows' watch auctions have become established as one of the best platforms to buy and sell watches of all kinds. From prestige to commercial, from vintage to 'as new' we have an ever-changing inventory, all authenticated by our team of specialists.

Kunst & Auktionshaus Eva Aldag

Kunstauktionshaus Leipzig


P. Michael Kegelmann