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Special exhibition

First Special ExhibitionGerman Watch Museum Glashütte: Wearing a Watch on Your Body...

Under the title “Wearing a Watch on Your Body…”, the first special exhibition opened with a private viewing on 19th May in the German Watch Museum Glashütte. Guests from local politics and business, from the artistic and cultural world, partners and friends, Glashütte contemporary witnesses, watch-lovers, exhibit lenders and representatives from the Glashütte watch companies, as well as representatives from the various museums in the region attended the vernissage.

The special exhibition illuminates the thematic issues of “Time – Measurement of Time – Feeling for Time” on the basis of the portable watch, and exhibits treasures from the inventory of the foundation of the German Watch Museum Glashütte, the Glashütte Original manufactory, as well as loans from the Swatch Group AG and the Mathematical-Physical Salon of the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden.

Beginning with the manufacture of the first mechanical watches in the 16th century and going on up to the coveted fashion accessory and status symbol of the modern era, the special exhibition is dedicated to the development of mobile timekeeping. The development of the portable watch has a history which goes back more than five hundred years. Ideologies, power claims, progressive technical ideas and scientific challenges have accompanied this narrative of development, which continues even in our own day.

The special exhibition can be viewed from 20th May – 29th August 2010 in the German Watch Museum Glashütte.