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Preview BASELWORLD 2013Trilogy to celebrate 60th birthday: AIRMAN No. 1 with Felsa 692

To celebrate the 60th birthday of its flying legend AIRMAN, the first 24-hour watch in the world with a second time zone, Glycine, a company with a rich tradition, has come up with something really amazing: Glycine is issuing its flying legend - whose birth goes back to the inspiration of Sam Glur and pilots in the cockpit of a DC4 headed from Bangkok to Calcutta in 1953 - in a trilogy that is unique yet still true to the original concept.

Applying maximum care, watchmaking expertise and a great eye for detail, the AIRMAN No. 1 has been made in yellow, red and white gold.

Without a doubt, the high point of this one-of-a-kind trilogy is its movement: the very fact that Glycine has succeeded in incorporating the exclusive Felsa 692 into the AIRMAN No. 1 will get the hearts of all collectors and watch fans beating faster. It is a point of honour that we are dealing with a genuine 24-hour watch (Purist) with a second time zone here.

This ingenious trilogy is a rarity that is one-of-a-kind worldwide. According to information from Glycine, these three watches belong together and will be sold exclusively together. Price on request.

1953 VINTAGE" AIRMAN – tribute to a flying legend

1953 - It is now almost 60 years since Sam Glur, then Sales Director of the Biel watchmaking company Glycine, was sitting in the cockpit of a DC4 between Bangkok and Calcutta, listening to the pilots carefully explaining the ideal requirements of a modern frequent-flyer watch. Their wish list included a watch with an automatic movement, a 24-hour display, a second time zone and luminous numerals.

The Airman "1953 Vintage" is a tribute to the AIRMAN

No.1 by Glycine, and is a faithful reproduction of the original, but updated with the latest technical requirements.

This timeless beauty is powered by a rhodanised Swiss automatic movement. Entirely in keeping with the AIRMAN No.1, the watch is only available as a 24-hour watch with two time zones, that is, as a purist design. This ageless and alluring timepiece is presented just as it was 60 years ago in a wooden case true to the original, together with a 1950's style guarantee certificate.

Time is precious and Glycine has succeeded in packaging it exquisitely. This watch will be enthusiastically received and not only by collectors and connoisseurs. If you want to be the proud owner of one of these nostalgic timepieces, you will have to hurry – only 600 pieces of the anniversary AIRMAN are being made available at a recommended retails price of 2,350 Swiss francs.

AIRMAN "SPHAIR" – The pilot's watch for professionals

In good time for its anniversary, the popular Airman 17 has been given an elegant facelift without losing the typical DNA of a genuine Airman in the process.

The new version is somewhat lighter and more elegant than its predecessor and is being offered in classic steel versions with blue, black and white dials. In spite of this, the "SPHAIR" has an impressive diameter of 46 mm and the slightly more unassuming AIRMAN 18 38 mm.

The high point of the new AIRMAN 17 "SPHAIR" has to be the attractive steel version with a black rotating bezel, crown and rotating bezel holder in rubber. The new version features an automatic rhodinised Swiss movement which is available either as the version with two 24-hour time zones (Purist) or as a 12-hour time zone with two extra 24-hour displays (GMT).

The new AIRMAN 17 "SPHAIR" is on the market at prices from 1990 Swiss Francs. The recommended guide price for the basic model of the AIRMAN 18 "SPHAIR" is 1890 Swiss Francs.

A genuine pilot's watch, which will not only impress in the air, but also on the ground!