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SIHH 2005 Thoughts about IWC’s new Ingenieur Automatic, Ref. IW3227

IWC’s new Ingenieur in many ways is not a new watch. By descent, it rightfully claims a heritage that spans a full half-century. Its foundations are unmistakable, and it is more evolutionary than revolutionary. Above all else, the Ingenieur is an IWC watch. Not merely in name or by virtue of the place of its birth, but because it stands for principles that embody the foundations of IWC.

Breitling MULLINER PERPETUAL - The spirit of exclusivity

Mulliner, the jewel in the Bentley crown... In the secret of the Mulliner workshop at the Bentley factory in Crewe, some hundred craftsmen and technicians fashion metal, wood and leather to fulfill each and every wish of the privileged Bentley owners. The specially commissioned features created to grace these prestigious vehicles embody the ultimate blend of technology and tradition.

A tribute to Sanford Fleming A watch to celebrate the launch of world time 120 years ago

As a reminder of the almost forgotten 1884 World Conference in Washington, Andersen Genève has designed a special watch. Andersen Genève pays homage to Sir Stanford Fleming who was the driving force behind the introduction of our global time system. The watchmaker company Andersen Genève has designed his “1884” watch to reproduce Sanford Fleming’s model of time spanning the world.

Looking ahead with a new Look For 50 years: Breguet TYPE XXI

Breguet’s Type XX retour -en-vol chronograph marks its 50th anniversary this year with a new development — the Type XXI — designed to meet the expectations of a generation that looks ahead. The new automatic chronograph Type XXI 3810 retains the military bearing of the original watch Breguet developed for the French naval air arm in the 1950s. The Type XX was ahead of its time, and word soon spread to civilians of its exceptional reliability.

The culture of tradition and exclusivity The Bentley Masterpiece

United under the "winged B", Breitling and Bentley form an alliance based on their shared values of exclusivity, prestige and performance. Know-how and tradition are two other such values. At Bentley, these reach their fullest expression in the exclusive Mulliner workshops, where several hundred uniquely talented specialists devote their experience and knowledge to personalising a Bentley.

The Art of perfect Timing The Breguet Tourbillons

A.-L. Breguet’s invention of the Tourbillon revolutionized the art of watchmaking in 1801 and set a new standard for timekeeping. For centuries, scientists and philosophers had used the term Tourbillon to refer to the regular rotation of planets around the sun, despite the world Tourbillon, or whirlwind, being somewhat of a misnomer for the ordered regularity of the universe.

The Art of Uniqueness Montblanc Meisterstück Solitaire Royal Black Diamond

The luxury brand Montblanc is well known for manufacturing unique and remarkable writing instruments. Worldwide collectors and aficionados of precious fountain pens are enthusiastic about the most luxurious “Solitaire” versions covered with diamonds or about special order writing instruments with rubies und sapphires. With the “Montblanc Meisterstück Solitaire Royal Black Diamond” Montblanc has created a novelty: A fountain pen, completely covered with glittering black diamonds.

Limited Edition in Platinum Ulysse Nardin: Trilogy of Time

According to archeological discoveries, astronomy is one of the oldest preoccupations of mankind. A science dealing with all celestial bodies in the universe, including the planets and their satellites, comets and meteors, the stars and interstellar matter, quasars, the systems known as galaxies, astronomy has aroused the curiosity of ancient people. Concern and questions (fears of eclipses and meteors) resulted in countless myths and many religious beliefs all around the globe.

Cocktail of variations Additions to the IWC Portuguese Chrono-Automatic family

The Portuguese family announces a cocktail of variations: new elegant dials complement the highly distinctive range from IWC, and a new yellow gold version makes the trilogy in gold complete. The Portuguese Chrono-Automatics from IWC are watches for active people who appreciate a superb and distinctively elegant timekeeping companion. These are people who may be prepared to go without many supplementary functions, but not without the protective case which confers the accolade of suitability for everyday use on a watch.

Special way Bridging the way to a new millennium: The IWC Da Vinci Tourbillon

In just a few short months we will witness an event experienced by only a handful of generations: the start of a new millennium. While most people occupy themselves with speculation about the exciting innovations that lie ahead in the next one thousand years, the watchmakers at the tradition-steeped International Watch Co. in Schaffhausen have decided to celebrate the event in their own special way. With the Da Vinci Tourbillon, a mechanical chronograph which can only be described in superlatives, they have set up a fitting memento to the mechanical millennium and established an ambitious bridge into the future.

Power reserve of 44 hours Like a Harley Davidson: IWC GST Automatic Alarm

In a world of electronically generated sound, where phones can be programmed to play a melody and mobiles announce their presence in any number of ways, there is a distinct need for a return to genuine sound. Thankfully, we now have it. In the GST automatic alarm from IWC. The third and latest addition to the new sports watch line from Schaffhausen comes with two distinctive crowns that immediately give the game away.

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