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Young watchmakers

Those were the loveliest three years of my life so farFormal Completion of Education at the Watchmaking School Alfred Helwig

For the third time the watch manufactory Glashütte Original said good bye to 12 graduates of the company’s owned watchmaking school "Alfred Helwig" on July 17th, 2006. After three years of apprenticeship the young watchmakers will enter the world of work. This important moment was appreciated with a ceremonial act in the manufactory’s atrium.

Classical music, played by two musicians, framed the festive handing over of the diplomas by the master teachers. Characteristic for the enjoyable atmosphere during the apprenticeship were the laudatory words of Hans-Peter Götz who spoke representatively for the graduation class: "Those were the loveliest three years of my life so far: We were the 12 happiest people who have laughed and cried together for cheerfulness."

The future of the young watchmakers is promising. From August on six of them will join the manufactory Glashütte Original. Two will establish their knowledge at a Swiss sister company. The farthest way into their professional life will be covered by two watchmakers: As "ambassadors of Glashütte’s watchmaking art" they will demonstrate their abilities at the Swatch Group’s Customer Service Center in Sydney, Australia.

"Glashütte Original encourages its apprentices to see beyond their noses", comments CEO Dr. Frank Müller the concept of the apprenticeship. "Consequently we patronize them with international internships as well as foreign language courses either in English or French. This is the cornerstone for a successful professional life." With the closing words: "We have optimally prepared you. We have a good conscience. Now it is up to you to take your life in both hands." the management sent the young watchmakers into their professional future.