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Ensemble partnership to promote opera singersMeisterSinger new partner of the Frankfurt Opera

In the coming year, watch manufacturer MeisterSinger will be supporting the outstanding ensemble work of the Frankfurt Opera, which has again just been awarded the “Opera House of the Year” prize by the editors of the magazine Opernwelt.

MeisterSinger, renowned for its single-hand watches, bears the same name as an internationally well-known music drama and has always used the fermata, or pause sign in musical notation, as its logo. Not only musicians, but also those who wear MeisterSinger wristwatches, understand the fermata as a sign to pause briefly and collect oneself. “Our connection to music and our affinity to opera is, of course, far more than just that,” explains Manfred Brassler, company founder and designer of MeisterSinger watches. “Our single-hand timepieces are based on an ancient tradition and we are taking this heritage into the future with a host of new ideas – just like the Frankfurt Opera, a shining example of an opera company prepared to move in new directions with the traditional ‘opera’ genre, without losing a virtue that we also keenly uphold: the ability to think outside of the box.”

Manfred Brassler greatly enjoys experiencing important performances and exclusive guided tours behind the scenes together with guests, as he knows they have a comparatively high interest in literature, theater, and music. “Our customers attach greater importance to individuality than to status. Many of them are connoisseurs who appreciate the greater enjoyment that comes with a deeper understanding of complex material. Here too, high-quality watches and operatic productions can prove to be quite similar.” Not least, an evening spent at the opera is surely one of the most pleasant “Rituals of Time” that MeisterSinger wishes to help cultivate with its unusual timepieces.

With the recently agreed ensemble partnership, MeisterSinger is playing a role in promoting up-and-coming talent and thereby supporting the Frankfurt Opera in the continuation of its highly successful work.

Throughout the coming year, its productions will be featured on the MeisterSinger Web site as well as in the company magazine, along with some revealing glimpses behind the scenes.