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Mainhausen120 watches stolen

During a burglary in Mainhausen near Offenbach on November 17th 2006, approximately 120 high-valued watches were stolen, predominantly by the brand Breitling, as well as jewellery and cash money with a total value of about 1.000.000EUR. Among the stolen goods were also some unicums, including a men’s wristwatch by the brand IWC, a double chronograph with a platinum case, which was provided with a platinum bracelet as a part of a special design. There is the engraving “HJZ” on the bracelet strap. Furthermore, a men’s wristwatch by the brand Sinn, yellow gold case, with a leather strap and a rotor, consisting of the characters “HJZ”. 

The majority of the watch certificates were left behind at the crime scene. The valuable objects were stored in a wall safe, which was welded open by the delinquent. Therefore, there may be residua of the thermal effect on the stolen objects. The victim of the crime has offered a 500.000 Euro reward for useful information leading to recovering his collection as well as conviction of the delinquent. For tips please call the police department in Offenbach under 069/8098-3578 or -3218.