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Real bargains: And they start at 499 Euro!New mechanical Valjoux Chronographs by UHR

Announced and presented for the first time at the BASELWORLD 2011: The new mechanical Valjoux chronographs by UHR. At the new sporty 351, 352, 353 and 354 models, as well as the classical 355 chronograph and the elegant 273 model are now on offer. In spite of the very high Swiss franc, prices start at 499 Euros, and the fact that none of the chronographs cost more than 600 Euros is truly unbelievable!

The used Valjoux is persuasive. It is not only a tried and trusted classic in the chronograph calibre but also a best-seller! Many luxury brands use this movement, but you're unlikely to find a real Valjoux chronograph at such a favourable price as UHR is offering! Even if the movement does have the simplest type of movement, the prices on offer at UHR are just sensational!

Potential prospective customers should not wait too long with their decision on the purchase of a watch by UHR. Many interesting Swabian watch brand models have been sold off fast in the past and similar offers have rarely been seen again. So be quick!