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The Pioneer TwinDicatorHanhart

BASELNEWS 2011Exclusive highlight: Hanhart PIONEER TwinDicator

Pilot chronographs with two displays set far back from each other formed the image of Hanhart from as early as the 1930s. The Pioneer TwinDicator is based on this tradition of the Swiss-German brand yet with a new technical and aesthetic interpretation. To retain the characteristic bicompax design of the display, the hour counter has been integrated into the small seconds display. The exclusively modified automatic calibre enables the displays to be positioned right on the edge of the minimalist dial, creating an aesthetic balance – just like on their legendary predecessors.

Hanhart began manufacturing pilot chronographs back in 1939 when it produced the “Calibre 41” models. These then went on to become true legends, firmly establishing Hanhart’s reputation as a pioneer in precision timekeeping. The Pioneer TwinDicator is based on these legendary chronographs from the Swiss-German brand and is distinguished by their unmistakable characteristics. The upper chronograph pusher, positioned asymmetrically towards the lug, is especially striking and is a feature unique to Hanhart. In order to achieve this button arrangement, Hanhart integrates a specially designed lever into the case in its own workshop. This redirects the force from pressing the button located at 2 o’clock by the required number of millimetres.

The red reset button

No less striking is the red reset button. Legend has it that a young pilot, as he was putting on his Hanhart watch one morning, discovered that his wife had painted one of the buttons with red nail varnish so that he would always think of her and return home safe and sound. This distinctive red pusher became the trademark feature of the watch brand from 1939 onwards. It deterred pilots from inadvertently resetting the stopped time and going off course as a result.

The TwinDicator has become the exclusive highlight of the Pioneer collection, above all thanks to the extraordinary way in which the characteristic design of the display has been realised in terms of technology and aesthetics, with two auxiliary dials at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock. The exclusive and complex conversion of the automatic calibre enables both of these displays to be placed right on the edge of the large dial, which is housed in a case measuring 45 millimetres in diameter. The centres of these displays, together with the digits 2 and 4 as well as 8 and 10, form a straight, vertical axis, resulting in a symmetrically balanced presentation. The clear and minimalist design of the dial adds to the harmonious appearance of the chronograph. In addition, the small round display at 9 o’clock is not simply reserved for the small seconds, as would normally be the case, but at the same time accommodates a practical 12-hour counter. As a result, although the Pioneer TwinDicator remains true to the bicompax type of display, it nonetheless comes with all the functions of a tricompax chronograph.

Tradition realised in a contemporary way

There are also other features which characterise the Pioneer TwinDicator as an unmistakable relative of its predecessors from the 1930s and, as such, immediately recognisable as a Hanhart chronograph. The large, easy-to-handle crown with a deep bevelled edge guarantees safe and simple handling. The bezel is available in either a thin design which can be rotated in either direction and which comes with a fluted, slip-proof finish and red marking, or in an elegant and plain design with a smooth surface. The off-white or matte black dial provides flawless readability in any situation thanks to its large, glow-in-the-dark Arabic numerals and the distinctive hands, which are likewise coated with Super-LumiNova®. These features are enhanced by clear subdivisions throughout and a clearly laid out display.

The original pilot’s models were produced with a case which at 40 mm was unusually large for watches in those times, and they had a matte finish to ensure that the pilot would not be blinded by any dazzling polished elements during a flight. In contrast, the Pioneer TwinDicator highlights its exclusive character with elegantly contrasting satin-finished and polished surfaces. To guarantee maximum water-resistance and robustness, the model is, like the archetypal model on which it is based, fitted with a sealed, screwed-down case back which includes three indentations for the case key. The riveted strap made from firm, hard-wearing calfskin together with a high-quality pin buckle offer a secure fit on the wrist.

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