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RM 017Richard Mille

SIHH 2011 News Extra flat Tourbillon: The Richard Mille RM 017 at the SIHH

The RM 017 Tourbillon represents a new technical achievement, characterised by a movement baseplate made of titanium, with black PVD coating ; a function indicator specific to Richard Mille, and a safety system with blocking mechanism on the barrel. This new process avoids the spring being overloaded during rewinding. It eliminates the risk of knocking the escapement and prevents the watch from running too fast.

These innovations in the RM 017 are concentrated in an extra-flat case of 8.7 mm, which places this watch in an exclusive group of the world’s slimmest tourbillon watches. The RM 017, while displaying cutting-edge technology, is also extremely comfortable to wear, thanks to its curved shape, which fits snugly on the wrist.