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Life is about momentsBaume & Mercier

SIHH 2011 NewsThe new Baume & Mercier Capeland

Baume & Mercier’s story begins all the way back in 1830 and reads like a true saga. The dawn of 2011 means the opening of a new chapter for Baume & Mercier, a brand which considers itself a privileged partner for all of life’s precious moments. In an era of changing values, a Baume & Mercier watch is also a memorykeeper, an everlasting reminder of life’s most cherished moments : weddings, births, anniversaries, graduations, family reunions.

Today, the Baume & Mercier universe is flawlessly represented by seaside living, a way of life which perfectly corresponds to the genuine values of conviviality, sharing, and durability which are promoted by the brand. Long Island’s The Hamptons are the ideal reflection of this vision. Between earth and sea, the art of living and personal luxury, this magical place has inspired the wisdom expressed in Baume & Mercier’s new dictum : Life is about moments.

In this spirit, Baume & Mercier is proud to present, as a part of its two new collections, the Capeland watch: a contemporary interpretation of one of the Maison d’Horlogerie’s most historic timepieces.