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BASELNEWS 2008Glycine AIRMAN 7: big lightweights

They are big, the AIRMAN 7 models by Glycine – very big. Three independent movements combined in one watch need their space. Glycine’s new watches prove that largeness does not necessarily have to mean a lot of weight. Thanks to the high quality materials titanium and carbon fibre, the round AIRMAN 7 and the square AIRMAN 7 Plaza Mayor weigh about a quarter to a third less than their predecessors. The case of the four new models is made of the very sturdy, lightweight and corrosion-resistant titanium.

Besides the metallic satin finished, untreated titanium case, Glycine also presents two black models treated with Diamond-Like-Carbon (DLC). The black matt, diamond-like carbon coating not only looks very nice but also increases extreme durability. Because DLC – which is also used for manufacturing surgical instruments – is a good seven times harder than steel. Weight is also reduced by the casing-ring: for the AIRMAN 7 Plaza Mayor, it is also made of titanium. For the round AIRMAN 7, it is made of carbon fibre. This high class material, also called “black gold”, gives the watch a very special, structured look.

Along with the materials and weight, Katherina Brechbühler also changed the design – and let herself be lead by the principle of reduction. Only one hand on each of the small dials shows the second and third time zones. Along with the lines on the dials, the new visual appearance is that of an instrument panel. “It is the most attractive way to wear three watches simultaneously on your wrist,” says Katherina Brechbühler.