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BASELNEWS 2010Ulysse Nardin presents the Lady Diver Starry Night

The ever-mysterious je ne c’est quois: Some women simply have it. It’s never quite clear what the “it” is, but wherever this woman goes, something very captivating radiates from her, causing a reaction from those who cross her path of wanting more. She commands whatever space she exists in, is always the center of attention and is a natural-born leader. And, no matter how challenging the situation, this woman knows how to handle it with grace and sophistication.

Ulysse Nardin celebrates her powerful presence with the Lady Diver Starry Night – a stellar, contemporary and transitional timepiece that drips with undeniable beauty. At the end of a busy day at work or play, the Lady Diver Starry Night woman welcomes the approaching evening. As the moon appears on the distant horizon and cocktail hour nears, she knows full well that her trusted timepiece will transform into jewelry perfectly suitable for whatever adventures the night will bring. The Lady Diver Starry Night is the timepiece for any occasion.

And, for the woman who enjoys watching her savings grow yet loves looking fabulous, the Lady Diver Starry Night in stainless steel with diamonds – the latest addition to the Lady Diver Starry Night collection – offers a sensible and stunning solution. Handcrafted to last a lifetime, the Lady Diver Starry Night will keep her smiling day in and day out.