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Rebellion Predator

Exceptional timepieceRebellion Predator

In its two years of existence, Rebellion has built a solid reputation with exceptional timepieces – chronographs, regulators and tourbillions – inspired by the world of automobile racing. Conceived in collaboration with the designer Eric Giroud, the Predator also borrows many of its features from racing cars: the brake discs and the pedals, the five-layer dial with its honeycomb base, and the push rod shaped bridges connecting the chronograph counters to the dial.

Not to mention the formidable technical mastery of the double sectorial seconds hand at 9 o’clock: the shorter hand indicates 0 to 30 seconds, with the longer one taking over for 30 to 60 seconds. The case is constructed in a sandwich of superimposed layers available in various materials, so there are many ways to personalise the timepiece.