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Design by Georg Plum

Passion and extravagance Lady Moon by Alfex

The moon is referred to as that other light in the sky. It is not blinding and burning like the sun but, instead, soft and silvery. Like almost no other luminary, the moon influences human sentiments and emotions. And while the sun is always there unchanged – if at all – the moon changes its shape as the days go by.  A woman changes similarly. No two women are the same. Each has different characteristics and unique facets. That makes her unmistakable, exciting and mysterious. In this celestial body, the moon, Alfex has discovered something similarly mysterious as a woman, its shape providing the inspiration for a new lady’s watch.

In the contour of its case, Lady Moon borrows from the silhouette of the moon, as a certain expression of originality. The dial is adorned with sparkling Swarowski stones reminiscent of the starry sky. The case is gold-plated or made from antiallergenic steel. Other special features: Ronda quartz movement, mineral glass, water-proof to 3 ATM.

Lady Moon tells a fairy tale of woman and moon that appeals to independent, style-conscious women. The black dial and leather wrist band hint at her mysterious, dark side; the brown dial demands elegance; white connotes purism. The red stands for love, passion and fire. This specific watch is being presented in an exciting gift package for Mother’s Day.

Available at high-end watch stores. Recommended retail price CHF 298.00 for the steel version, CHF 380.00 for the gold-plated version.