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In the interest of providing its customers with effective protection against counterfeiting, Parmigiani Fleurier is giving a world preview of its new system for certifying the authenticity and origin of its timepieces. Developed by PROOFTAG, a company renowned for its excellence in producing innovative authentication and security solutions, the Bubble Tag™, which has been adapted for use in the watch industry, is a new technology offering visible certification of authenticity and origin which is impossible to reproduce, and represents the most advanced solution on the market.

Each Parmigiani watch must be accompanied by its warranty certificate containing the Bubble Tag™, allowing secure, easy authentication.

The  Parmigiani Fleurier warranty certificate

The Parmigiani Fleurier warranty certificate, which will accompany each model, will be produced in the form of a card containing a Bubble Tag™ (standard credit card format) and will include:

1. the watch reference number.
2. The number associated with the Bubble Tag™ required to allow visual authentication via the internet.
3. A transparent window containing the Bubble Tag™.

Function and use of the Bubble Tag™

Each Bubble Tag™ is unique and impossible to reproduce. Using a secret process, the bubbles are formed by random self-generation inside a transparent material. Once fixed, their distribution, which is different every time, produces a unique 3D image which cannot be reproduced: no technical process is capable of reproducing this three-dimensional code.

The Bubble Tag™ incorporated in the Parmigiani Fleurier warranty card is assigned in a unique way to each watch, allowing its origin to be verified: Verification is easy and completely visual, requiring only an internet connection from a computer or mobile phone. No technical equipment is necessary. A pair of eyes is enough!

The owner of a Parmigiani watch wishing to verify the origin of his or her timepiece only has two steps to perform:
- connect to the warranty card page via and enter the number associated with the Bubble Tag™ printed on the warranty card. A unique, personalised page dedicated to the model opens immediately showing the precise image of the Bubble Tag™ on the customer's card.
- Visually compare the Bubble Tag™ with its image to obtain immediate proof of the model's origin. This comparison is simple, immediate and intuitive: looking at the Bubble Tag™ reveals empty areas, isolated bubbles and characteristic strings of bubbles. If these elements are present on the photograph, the eye notices them immediately and verification is complete.

Personalised information

The Bubble Tag™ is a unique key which is impossible to reproduce, and also allows the customer to access specific information relating to the watch, detailing the in-house techniques and expertise used to produce it. Using an additional identifier on the internet, the customer can access a more exclusive area of the brand reserved for owners of Parmigiani Fleurier timepieces. Parmigiani Fleurier models authenticated using the new warranty card went on sale in June 2009.