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20 years formation flying balletFORTIS on duty with pilots of the Swiss Air Force

Not as commonly thought of ear-deafening, thundering turbine sounds and risky thrills are the distinctive features of the propeller-driven aircrafts of the Swiss PC-7 team. Within 20 years the PC-7 TEAM developed a dynamic, elegant and precise formation flying ballet at its best during which flight safety and team-spirit are the top priority. Therefore it is no surprise that the team enthrals thousands of spectators every year at home and abroad.

For many years the FORTIS chronographs, uncompromising in respect of design and functionality, accompany the team members on their wrists. Daily routine takes place in one of the three Swiss F/A-18 Hornet Surveillance Wing squadrons where they exercise the skills in flight practice.

Supervised by their commander and team coach a diversified sky show is developed. In Pilatus turbo trainer planes, equipped with a glass cockpit (NCPC-7) and designed in their patriotic colours red and white, the team shows proof for the solid competence and highest level of skill of the Swiss Air Force pilots.