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Timeless precision workDugena Watches

A clock is an instrument that makes an abstract and intangible concept visible: time. In old days, the Egyptians used the sun, the moon and the stars to measure periods of time. Today there are radio and atomic clocks do to the work for us. Dugena watches also relieve us of this task.

The company Dugena was established in 1917 in Eisenach, as a branch of the Swiss brand Alpina. The name is an acronym of “Deutsche Uhrenmacher-Genossenschaft Alpina“ (German watchmaker association Alpina) and soon became a brand of its own. In 1927, the Dugena factories moved to Berlin and manufactured quality watches until the 1930’s. In the immediate post-war period, the company was on the verge of liquidation: At that time, the headquarters of Dugena were in the eastern part of Berlin, which was occupied by the Soviet Union. Sales to the West turned out to be increasingly difficult, so in 1948, the headquarters were relocated to Darmstadt. In the following time, Dugena benefited from the German economic miracle. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, Dugena successfully overcame the quartz revolution. In 1973, the company had more than 2,000 stores in Germany. Later, the „Egena Goldpfeil“group based in Hong Kong took over the company. In the middle of 2009, the newly founded „Nova Tempora Uhren und Schmuck GmbH“ took over the business. Shortly, Dugena will be re-established as an independent German brand.

Dugena’s company philosophy “German quality with modern design” is currently being implemented in the new collections „Aktiv“, „City“, „Gala“, „Classic“ and „Cavalier“, which are reaching a large sales market. The collections cover many areas of life and so, offer the right watch for every occasion, no matter if you prefer a wristwatch or a pocket watch. Dugena is on its way to a new independence. According to the principle “signs of time”, the company manufactures timeless and classy precision work.