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Seiko Sportura

Range of chronographsSeiko Sportura: Engineered for the new road ahead

Since 2000, Sportura has been the flagship design for SEIKO’s sports watches and its global success has made it an icon among lovers of motorsport. With its wide range of chronographs, both quartz and Kinetic, Sportura has always offered high-function, high-utility sports watches to those who love the freedom, speed and thrill of the open road.

Precision timing, even at high speed!

On the autobahn or on the race track, a true motor sports watch needs to deliver precise information at a glance with maximum ease of operation. The new Sportura range was designed with these challenges to the fore. On the chronograph models, the buttons are extended around the case for simple one-touch operation and the color accents provide a clear visual separation of the time of day and the chronograph data. The new crown is inspired by the grace of an alloy wheel on a GT roadster, and is shaped with deeply cut grooves to ensure precise operation. Most importantly, the dials on every model are easy to read, even at an oblique angle, thanks to the anti-reflective coating on the sapphire crystals and the high contrast between the hands and the jet black dials.

Kinetic Direct Drive: At high speed, control is everything

For the first time, the remarkable Kinetic Direct Drive movement, one of SEIKO’s leading ‘emotional’ technologies joins the Sportura collection. Taking its energy from the wearer’s movement, and converting this Kinetic energy into electricity, SEIKO Kinetic has always been the perfect platform for sports watches, where long-term reliability and precision timing are vital. Now, with the interactive Direct Drive function, this new Sportura creation takes the wearer’s control of the energy in his watch to a new level. Before the journey, or before the race, the wearer can see, in real time, and, if necessary, add to the power reserved in the watch to ensure perfect one-second-a-day timing. The dual purpose power reserve indicator is at 9 o’clock, and, when in real-time mode, is as responsive to the energy input through manual winding as a rev counter in a GT sports car.

The new Chronograph Perpetual

To combine a full function alarm chronograph with a perpetual calendar was an irresistible challenge, but to achieve it in a watch that retains the ease of use and instant readability of Sportura is a very considerable achievement. The key to the success is the dual function of the center hand. It indicates the date, month and leap year in the time of day mode and seconds in the chronograph mode, thus leaving the dial clean and easy to read, even when driving at high speed.