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Master of designThe Balmain Laelia Lady II ticks the trend

Stunningly modern, a new family of Balmain timepieces sets out to make waves through its elegant simplicity. Each of the 14 Laelia Lady II pieces adds an eye-catching twist to a classical canvas of materials and finishes. Detail is the master of design.

Elements of floral decoration blossom from the centre of the dial, a fine grey leather strap complements silvery mother of pearl, rich chocolate brown flows across the dial and strap. This is a living lookbook with many pages.

The collection’s leading lady is a bi-colour beauty. A rose gold coloured case and slender rows of bracelet links are matched perfectly by bold arabesques decoration on the dial. Applied Roman numerals at 12 o’clock and six o’clock symmetrically and systematically structure the day of today’s females, who always have style on their agendas. This is Swiss made elegance with contemporary flair.

The Balmain Laelia Lady II collection is committed to giving precision timekeeping a confidently stylish frame. The DNA of the family revolves around clarity and quality. Stemming from that strong core are many options for different looks. The round 32 mm case, engraved with perfect circles around the sides, acts as a dependable centerpiece. Around this revolve designs incorporating yellow, pink and silver metals, a wide choice of attachments and various dial finishes. All of the watches contain a Swiss ETA E63.031 quartz movement.