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Made with authentic material from spacecraftBASELWORLD 2017: The WERENBACH – Earth Collection

After a successful crowdfunding initiative, Werenbach is launching its mechanical watches made with authentic material from the Soyuz spacecraft. Werenbach recovered fragments after the spacecraft was jettisoned from the rocket and fell back to Earth in Kazakhstan, bringing them back to Switzerland to transform into watches.

These models are available at very affordable prices on The Zurich start-up has used debris from the Soyuz spacecraft - launched in October 2016 to the International Space Station - to make the dials for its Earth collection. They come in a range of colours, depending on the part of the rocket the material was taken from. These fragments are left in their original state, including the tiny signs of their space odyssey, making each watch unique. A launch sequencer on the inner bezel ring indicates the three stages involved in sending into orbit this witness to the conquest of space.