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Performance-Lab BASELWORLD 2016: The brandnew BREITLING CHRONOWORKS

The automobile world has its engine-tuners, responsible for adjusting motors so as to achieve superior performance. With the Breitling Chronoworks® department, the watch industry now also has its exceptional engine experts, in charge of developing and testing technical breakthroughs that can subsequently be introduced on series-produced models.

Turning their attention to the Manufacture Breitling Caliber 01, the Chronoworks® specialists have already incorporated five major innovations serving to increase its power reserve from 70 to 100 hours. The fruit of its efforts is showcased in a Superocean Héritage Chronoworks® limited series, featuring a standout look and equally outstanding accomplishments.


Performance is an outright obsession for Breitling. As the privileged partner of aviation, a field where security and reliability are of vital importance, the firm constantly strives to improve the quality of its movements. It is in this spirit that the Chronoworks® department was created, driven by a determination to keep moving ahead and pushing boundaries in the service of professionals. Regrouping the finest specialists working in one of the best-equipped labs in the entire watch industry, this cutting-edge unit is dedicated to seeking out innovative solutions that will serve to enhance movement performance and to testing avant-garde concepts suitable for introduction into standard production. A think tank and a test bench for tomorrow’s technologies – very much like the kind of innovations tested in Formula 1 and subsequently incorporated into series-made cars.


Passionately devoted to their mission, the Chronoworks® experts entirely reviewed the brand’s star ‘engine’, Manufacture Breitling Caliber 01, a selfwinding chronograph movement featuring a modern structure, column-wheel construction, a vertical coupling-clutch and an over 70-hour power reserve. The aim was to increase its efficiency wherever possible. The engineers and watchmakers re-examined all the movement organs, seeking to pinpoint the slightest loss of energy, the tiniest pointless friction, the smallest “excess” weight increasing inertia. They went on to develop five technical advancements (relating to the choice of materials, the geometry of the parts, etc.) serving to reduce friction as well as dynamic efforts at all stages: all with a view to achieving enhanced “energy efficiency”.


To enable connoisseurs and those with a taste for exclusive privileges to enjoy the benefits of these technical advancements from Chronoworks®, some of which will later be available on standard models, Breitling is launching a 100-piece limited edition. The firm has chosen for this purpose one of its stellar models, the Superocean Héritage, interpreted in an all-black version with a brand-new matt ceramic case ensuring an original, powerful and contemporary look. The dial is adorned with pointed hour-markers recalling the 1957 Superocean, created for diving enthusiasts and thrill-seekers. A transparent caseback provides a chance to admire the Chronoworks® movement with its revisited mechanism and its black oscillating weight. In another exclusive touch, the watch is equipped with a woven rubber strap inspired by the original woven steel bracelet. Thanks to the Chronoworks® department and its technical advancements united for the first time in the Superocean Héritage Chronoworks® model, Breitling is once again asserting itself as an exceptional “engine expert”.