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A Classic Dress WatchThe Angular Momentum Classic R.D.S.

Angular Momentum has released a new timepiece with the classic R.D.S. time display. Over 12 years ago, Angular Momentum has launched its first watch collection named "The Pioneers". The Collection contained four different watch models of classic designs of the past 100 years of watch making.

The unique aspect of the watch collection was, that the time was not displayed by hour and minute hands above a dial but by a revolving hour-disk the size of the dial and a minute hand. The Revolving-Hour-Disk is printed with a minute track and numbers for the 12 hours in conter-clockwise direction. The Hour-Disk revolves around once in 12 hours. The hours are read at 12 o'clock position and the minute hand shows the minutes in traditional way.

This concept was called Revolving-Dik-System and has been registered as a technical Patent CH 696899 in 1997. So simply the concept was, so difficult it was for the consumer to understand. At this time there was very little innovation in the watch industry regard time display. Meanwhile the watch industry became more innovative and experimental as the customer became more open minded and one can see once a while, watch brands playing with revolving disks.

In the following years, Angular Momentum has created a large number of different Timepieces which display Hours and Minutes, Time Zones, Moon Phases, Dates and many more based on its patented Revolving-Disk-Techniology.