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Secret signature ...The new rose gold Classique Extra-Plate 5157

The models composing the Classique collection are distinguished by their timeless aesthetic that symbolise the ultimate Breguet style. The new rose gold Classique Extra-Plate 5157 is a perfect example. Its self-winding movement with silicon balance spring is housed in a 5.45mm case with delicate fluting on the caseband, reflecting the grace of the motifs from timepieces of A.-L. Breguet’s era.

Its silvered gold engine-turned dial bears the traditional “Clous de Paris” hobnail style. Engine-turning is an engraving technique favoured by master watchmakers from the 16th century onwards. Initially used to enhance watch cases, it was soon adopted by A.-L. Breguet for dials. Transformed into authentic works of art, the latter testify to infinite patience devoted to serving impressive technical mastery. They are hand-crafted according to ancestral methods, and the finesse of the resulting details still stems from jealously kept production secrets. Engine-turning is done as it was in yesteryear on a rose engine (for circular decoration) or a “straight-line” engine (for linear motifs), and is undoubtedly still a distinctive hallmark of a Breguet timepiece. On this Classique Extra-Plate watch in rose gold, the time is shown by the traditional Breguet open-tipped hands in blued steel designed by Breguet in 1783. Their slender elegance soon won over watchmakers, to the point where the term “Breguet hands” is now part of standard industry vocabulary.

Another characteristic attribute is Breguet’s secret signature, engraved on either side of the 12 o’clock numeral. A.-L. Breguet introduced it when he realised that his creations were being counterfeited. This signature remains a true token of authenticity.