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Technological innovation meets avant-garde designBASELWORLD 2016: Top watchmaker Eric Coudray and his Cabestan

Cabestan merges traditional skills with technological innovation and avant-garde design. Entirely the work of master-watchmaker Eric Coudray, the Triple Axis Tourbillon is inspired by the catamaran's sleek lines. The case - a hand-polished sapphire tube made as a single block - contains a triple axis flying tourbillon.

Each of the three cages rotates at a different speed. This superposition of 17, 19 and 60-second durations brings stunning kinetic complexity to the movement, heightened by its position in the watch. It also benefits from the positive effects of a fusee and chain transmission. The 507 parts in this chain are assembled in-house. As for the movement parts, they are chamfered, polished and finished by hand, and remain perfectly visible. The uniquely constructed case is proposed in a range of precious metals or treatments, at the customer's request, within a limit of 135 pieces.