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Son of a Gun Russian Roulette Glasnost G1BASELWORLD 2015: Russian Roulette!

ArtyA takes its Son of a Gun concept to a whole new level: transparency. Serving as a sobering reminder that our time on earth is short, two genuine Flobert 6 mm bullets are fitted to the side of the case, right against the wrist. Suspended and motionless, as if neutralised in mid-air, they are inoffensive even though they have not been fired.

The longstanding dream of designer Yvan Arpa has now come true thanks to a new technology: itr²®, standing for Innovation, Technical, Resin and Revolutionary. This composite material charged with carbon nanotubes is four times lighter than titanium. Transparency is in fact an integral of the entire design of the Glasnost G1, since its movement is entirely skeletonised to allow light to shine through its gear wheels, visible through both the sapphire crystal caseback and the iconic dial structured like the barrel of a revolver. Spinning with each move of the wrist, the latter houses a real bullet evoking the fact that life is a game of Russian roulette.