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Michael Schumacher

Characterised by a decade of success Omega: Michael Schumacher renews longstanding partnership

What better way to celebrate ten years of partnership than to continue such a successful working relationship? Omega is pleased to announce the extension of its agreement with Michael Schumacher as an international ambassador for the brand. The seven-times Formula 1 World Champion and passionate watch collector is one of the longest serving Omega ambassadors and has already added a special touch to numerous international events organised by Omega.

Michael Schumacher joined the Omega family in 1995, after winning his first world championship drivers title. His partnership with the brand has been characterised by a decade of success on the world’s Formula 1 circuits, commemorated by special Speedmaster models for each world championship title he won. It has also allowed Schumacher to share his passion for watchmaking by giving his opinions on design, paying particular attention to the watches he chooses to wear personally and, last but not least, by purchasing a staggering 200 models of the limited-edition Speedmaster Racing commemorating his 2000 World Championship title to offer as Christmas presents to his friends and colleagues.

To celebrate ten years of partnership with Omega, the record-breaking Formula 1 driver paid his first-ever visit to the company’s headquarters in Bienne, Switzerland. Omega was honoured that he chose to formally sign the extension of the agreement in Bienne and take time out to greet all of the company’s employees. With 232 Formula 1 Grand Prix starts, 84 victories and 64 pole positions, enduring performance at the highest level has marked Michael Schumacher’s career. The history of Omega, which spans over 150 years, has also been marked by excellence and a constant pioneering spirit. Sharing such similar values, and with Schumacher wearing the Omega Speedmaster watch that could almost have been named for him, it is hardly surprising that this winning partnership has been so successful for so long. Thanks to the extension of the agreement signed in Bienne today, this will also continue for the foreseeable future.