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The ARMIN STROM Max Chilton Edition Edge Double BarrelBrand Ambassador Max Chilton own custom Edition

With its rugged look and audacious design, the ARMIN STROM Edge Double Barrel suits the daring, high-octane world of professional car racing. The independent Swiss watch brand designed a custom edition together with pro driver Max Chilton, a friend and brand ambassador, that accentuates the timepiece's strong look with new graphic details.

The Max Chilton Edition Edge Double Barrel commemorates his competition in the North American Verizon IndyCar Series this year.

Drawing on Chilton's number and IndyCar, ARMIN STROM's designers integrated a number of eye-catching details. On the dial side, Chilton's numeral 8 appears in the small seconds register. Striking blue hour numbers match the blue on his turbocharged Chevrolet racecar. A special plate on the back is etched with Chilton's "Max" logo and notes this special series is limited to just eight timepieces.

"I love a heavier and larger watch on my wrist that still has a sporty feel to it," says Chilton. "The Edge offers this in a way I haven't seen before, and I feel very lucky to have one designed and turned into a limited run of eight."

Along with the Chilton design additions, ARM16 caliber features the timepiece's unusual geometric and angular components. Unconventional cross-grinding decoration of the handbeveled bridges intensifies the watch's industrial feel. The bezel is enhanced with a series of cutouts. The larger 46.80mm diameter provides more depth and dimensionality to the caliber, with the time indications positioned slightly off-center, an ARMIN STROM signature.