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The campaign will be launched globally from December 2013Frédérique Constant is delighted to announce Mr. Sean Lau as the Global Brand Ambassador

Frédérique Constant, the renowned Swiss watchmaker is delighted to announce Mr. Sean Lau, the famous movie star from Hong Kong, as the Global Brand Ambassador. Sean has dedicated enormous passion to his life and acting. With the excellence in his profession, Sean has received numerous awards and nominations throughout his career, including the Best Leading Actor from Hong Kong Film Awards Association and Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, which are the most representative and honorable movie awards in Asia.

Throughout years of self-exploration and experience in the industry, Sean demonstrates the maturity, wisdom and sophistication all-roundedly. Frédérique Constant is honored to join hands with Sean to embody the brand spirit and value, showcasing the invincibly elegant charm.

True passion drives quality

From TV drama to movie, the desire and aspirations of seeking perfection never stops in Sean’s mind. It takes him to a higher level at every milestone and makes him stand out under the spotlight. All his performance as a leading role in C’est la Vie, Mon Cherie in 1994, Lost in Time in 2003, My Name is Fame in 2006, Life Without Principle in 2011, etc. are profoundly appealing to a broad spectrum of audience, and extensively endorsed by the discerning professionals in the movie industry.

The spirit and attitude is vital to building style and showing capability of an actor, it associates with horology world. Movement corresponds to the heart of a timepiece, which is the soul given by watchmakers. Frédérique Constant introduced their first timepiece with in-house movement in 2001. Since then, Frédérique Constant has not stopped fine-tuning and developing the movement. Until now, there has been already over 13 notable calibers entirely conceived and produced in-house. The successful introduction of Heart Beat Manufacture Collection has formed a giant leap for young and innovative brand. Frédérique Constant has gradually become an important player within the elite circle of the Swiss watch brands. With continuous investment and effort, the brand will be contributing more exceptional and delicate horological creations.

Passion definitely shows through the craftsmanship by Frédérique Constant, as well as the charitable donations. Taking the same philosophy, Sean loves his work and family dearly and pursues simple quality life. He expresses himself through artistic drawing. Following his own pace, Sean embraces life with passion and gets inspiration from every walk of life.

Classic and Luxurious Charm

Sean has done a photo shooting on the advertising campaign with Frédérique Constant. With the shooting sets, Sean expresses the classic and luxurious charm of gentlemen. “Frédérique Constant concentrates in every detail and makes no compromises in terms of quality, which is the attitude I appreciate most. I am looking forward to working closely with the wonderful team and convey the brand value to the world,” said Sean.

In the advertising visual, Sean has put the all-new Slimline Moonphase Manufacture on his wrist. The timepiece is driven by the unique FC-705 Manufacture caliber. The gleaming rose gold plated case exudes understated elegance. The outstandingly detailed and precise image of the moonphase display is placed at the 6 o’clock position. Incorporating elegant design features, the watch is as timeless as the moon.
The campaign will be launched globally in different media platforms from December 2013. A close collaboration with Sean is expected in the coming future.