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Two prestigious namesAudemars Piguet: Partnership with the Hofreitschule

On 16th October in Vienna, Audemars Piguet revealed its new partnership with the Hofreitschule, the Spanish riding school established in the Austrian city. For four centuries, this institution has remained the only one in the world to perpetuate classic equestrian art using the same, traditional rules.

The Swiss manufacture from Le Brassus is proud to sponsor this renowned school which, through spectacular equestrian choreography, offers a way of experiencing Austrian culture at its very best.

«White ballets», performed by Lipizzaner Stallions from the world’s most celebrated manege, skilfully illustrate the virtuosity and affinity that unite riders with their mounts. This breed of stallion – the longest-established in Europe and one of the rarest – has always acted as a trademark of the school.

The partnership between Audemars Piguet and the Spanische Hofreitschule, two prestigious names in their respective fields, reflects the values shared by the two institutions and their mutual desire to safeguard their traditions and history throughout the ages.