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One of the historic exhibitsAudemars Piguet

Police Arrest Three Suspects Break-in at the AudemarsPiguet Watch Museum now practically solved

It was a spectacular coup: The burglary on the 15th of September 2010 at the AudemarsPiguet watch museum in Brassus in the Vallée de Joux. That night the previously unknown suspects broke into the first floor of the museum using a ladder and carried off two million Swiss francs worth of luxury watches within the space of just 4 minutes. After the robbery, the culprits fled to France.

As the police now report, the AudemarsPiguet robbers tried to negotiate the repurchase of the watches. During the course of the negotiations the police were able to determine their identity and arrest the first of the culprits on the 31st of March 2011 in Gémenos, in south-eastern France. On the very same day, the sister of this man, as well as another of the burglars was arrested in a train in Geneva. In the pair's luggage, a total of 12 watches were found by the Swiss police, amongst them a custom-built watch intended for the former actor and American politician Arnold Schwarzenegger. Other luxury watches, as well as a hoard of jewellery was also seized in a vehicle and in the cellar of a house. Currently the police are searching through the rest of the booty.