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Perpetrators brought to JusticeStolen Rolex Gold has never been seen again

A 24-year-old Frenchman actually stole 16 kilos of gold from the Rolex watch manufacturer's in May last year, worth approximately 500,000 Swiss francs. The man was employed as a temporary worker in the foundry at Rolex in the quality assurance department as a gold bar tester.

This former employee several times succeeded in smuggling gold out at the end of his shift at the company. When the loss of the gold was recognised, the Frenchman immediately took sick leave. Together with his girlfriend and 34,000 euros in his pocket he intended to head for Rome but was apprehended at Zurich airport.

Although the stolen gold has not reappeared until now, the court respected the application of the defence. The man was sentenced to 30 months in prison, and of this, 21 months on probation. Because the defendant had already served ten months in prison, he was able to leave the court a free man.