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The M-Watch by MondaineMondaine

Mondaine against MigrosMigros are allowed to sell their own M-Watch

On the 10th of February 2011, the Zurich Commercial Court rejected the plea by Mondaine which aimed to prevent the sale by Migros of watches under the brand "M-Watch". For Migros, the judgment is an important victory and a step towards enabling them to offer the Swiss Made "M-Watch" to their customers.

For 34 years, the Mondaine and Migros watch manufacturers were partners, but since last year they've been fighting over the brand rights of the "M-Watch". Both want to be able to sell the watches exclusively. In August 2010 the Commercial Court decided against Migros, and supported Mondaine in prohibiting Migros' sales of the products via the internet and other sales channels. Now Migros has achieved an important though partial success. For Mondaine the judgment is a heavy blow. They would gladly have claimed the established brand for themselves alone.

Migros is confidently awaiting the final decision as to who controls the brand.