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Facebook presence becoming ever more popularTrustedWatch fans come from over 120 countries

Up until now, the German-speaking fans and users of TrustedWatch were clearly in the majority, and most of the international users came from North America and Great Britain. Thanks to the successful Facebook presence, the fans and users of TrustedWatch come meanwhile from more than 120 countries. A strong increase in fans and users was registered in particular in East Europe, Russia, as well as by Arab users. But also fans from countries like Brazil, Finland or New Zealand have discovered TrustedWatch via Facebook.

It is noteworthy to mention that TrustedWatch Facebook fans visit the site predominantly daily to weekly. Up until now, all TrustedWatch postings on the Facebook bulletin board were read by more than 50 percent of fans within the first week of posting. This means, on the one hand, that the news held a high information content, and on the other hand, for the strong affinity of the fans towards the subject of watches and luxury watches. As well as this, it is gratifying that with the Facebook presence, we have succeeded in responding successfully to the welcomed appearance of the female and younger clientele. If the "ladies' share" of homepage hits is just approx. 10%, it rises, in the case of Facebook, to over 35%. And the average age of the fans is younger than those that visit the web site.

For manager Frank Amman, are these very gratifying developments., On the one hand, TrustedWatch is becoming ever more international, and on the other hand, the name recognition increases with every fan and user.