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Free insurance up to 10,000 Euro valueWatch purchases from the watch market now with buyer protection

The time has come! As of January 1st, 2011 watch purchases from the TrustedWatch watch market are insured up to a value of 10,000 Euro. This means for more than 95% of watches from the TrustedWatch watch market the purchase price is fully insured. The watch buyer merely needs to request buyer protection in writing beforehand and will then receive a personal insurance code for his watch purchase. All information pertaining to the new buyer protection can be found in our watch market.

Safety comes first

Only the extensive inspection and security mechanisms and the continuous monitoring of watch retailers allow the free of charge insurance protection. “To date there hasn’t been a single case of fraud in the TrustedWatch watch market. Only this allowed us to inexpensively reinsure this insurance protection now being offered, and provide it to customers free of charge.” States Managing Director  Frank Ammann.

Based on our security measures we have declined a considerable number of questionable sellers and watch retailers in the past, who are however able to offer their goods on other watch exchanges and marketplaces and mostly without being reviewed.

Watch retailers also benefit

While our main priority is to protect watch buyers, watch retailers selling on TrustedWatch can benefit tremendously from this new buyer protection. First time customers are far more likely to decide to purchase from an “unknown” retailer when protected in the event of non-delivery. The buyer protection is a chance for watch retailers to reputably acquire new potential customers for the long term.