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Purchasing watches safely on TrustedWatchBreitling, Cartier, Hublot, Rolex & Co. at discount prices?

Online trade with brand name watches is booming, but also security concerns are growing among the potential customers. Pending hazards like for example deception with fraudulent watches, replicas or fakes are the largest barrier for online purchase for most internet users according to current surveys.

Number of online criminals increasing!

With the increasing popularity of online shopping, the topic of “Security” is gaining ever more importance. The police criminal statistics registered nearly 300.000 reports of goods and goods credit fraud alone in the year 2007. The Federal Ministry of the Interior rationally states: „The Internet offers good opportunities for fraud especially in association with online offers.“ The numbers for 2008 are not yet available, but a decrease in the number of scams on the Internet, and especially in watch trade, is not expected.

The police have hardly any chance of fighting these crimes. The fraud schemes are becoming more and more refined and too many Internet users are negligently gullible, and fall for even frighteningly simple tricks – even with high quality products like wristwatches. It is especially difficult for buyers, because usually, the sellers demand advance payment. If delivery then never takes place, the customers are left with the damage, in the worst case.

Highest security for watch buyers at TrustedWatch

The watch market place by TrustedWatch thus consistently relies on safety and prevention. Every provider is examined extensively prior to participation. Also, the offers of every provider are subjected to regular controls by TrustedWatch. In order to further minimize the risk of fraud, private persons cannot offer any watches directly. Only with these elaborate measures, criminal providers can be scared off efficiently and a safe market environment can be guaranteed. An effort that always pays off in the interest of the serious buyers and sellers!

Security is the most important criteria in online purchase

In the evolution of the attractive of online offers, the Internet users have special interest in security mechanisms. For 93 percent, protection in purchase plays the main role. Therefore, security is more important to the buyers on the Internet than the price, which 92 percent deem as decisive. For TrustedWatch, the security of all Internet users also ranks first, which is why TrustedWatch employs the best possible security, protection and control measures. And how is the price level for luxury brands like Jaeger leCoultre, Patek Philippe, Rolex and many others on TrustedWatch? Highly interesting and always up-to-date for every potential watch buyer.