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2,841,084 article hits in 4 weeksTrustedWatch ever more successful on Facebook

The new social community angle adopted by TrustedWatch is subject to ever greater and growing popularity. The TrustedWatch Facebook site registered more than 2.8 million article hits over the last 4 weeks, with 119,943 monthly active fans. Particularly interesting is the average number of article hits which a fan registers per month. At TrustedWatch we registered 23.6 hits per fan per month. A real top score!

Something that is also top is that 119,943 monthly visitors mean that nearly each of the 123,028 fans visits the TrustedWatchsite for information at least once a month.

For TrustedWatch Managing Director Frank Ammann, the new figures confirm the high attraction and competence value of TrustedWatch in the subject of timepieces and luxury watches. To increase the attraction and reach of TrustedWatch still further in 2011, other interesting innovations are planned for Facebook during the 4th quarter. An accompanying international Facebook advertising campaign is planned.