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GUM in Moscow

The art of watchmakingGlashütte Original special exhibition in the noble atmosphere of Moscow’s GUM

From 11th November to 5th December, the German watch manufactory Glashütte Original presents itself in the legendary Moscow department store GUM. In co-operation with the jeweler “Sublime by Bosco“ the manufactory provides fascinating insights into the art of watchmaking and gives an overview of the skills necessary to produce exquisite timepieces. While touring the special exhibition, the visitor is invited to discover the historic roots of Glashütte Original, its rich heritage and today’s innovative production processes and products.

Highlights of more than 160 years of Glashütte watchmaking history are presented in a shop-window of the jeweler “Sublime by Bosco”. Unique historic models of lavishly decorated pocket watches as well as functional historic pilot watches underline the craftsmanship of original Glashütte watchmaking.

The exhibition is open daily from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm. Trained staff is available on the premises to answer questions and provide further information.