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Craftsmanship live New BUBEN&ZÖRWEG Boutique in Beijing

China, the "Middle Kingdom" of old, is still at the centre of economic development in Asia and global markets in general. Following on from Shanghai, BUBEN&ZORWEG has now decided that Beijing should have its own boutique; it was opened at the beginning of June 2009 and will continue to follow the road to success in China.

"We see our presence in China as a fascinating encounter with a country whose force of innovation is more thrilling than in virtually any other country", says Harald Buben by way of explaining the company's engagement in the Chinese capital, whilst Christian Zörweg comments on the basic economic conditions: "Anyone who wants to be world class can afford to ignore China. The leading players of the global economy have beaten a path to China's doorstep; whoever gets a foot in the door will subsequently have both feet firmly on the ground."

Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong as locations

The presence of BUBEN&ZORWEG in China is therefore founded on three pillars and - with the new boutique in Peking - represented at what is probably Asia's most traditional and prominent location. The fact that the company's clear commitment to China's growth market meets with acknowledgement is not least reflected in two awards recently presented to BUBEN&ZORWEG: the "HURUN Best of the Best Award" presented by HURUN Report (China's well-established magazine for business and luxury) has acknowledged the most exclusive luxury brands for the past five years. The coveted award was presented to the House of BUBEN&ZORWEG on 15 January in the category "best watch collection accessory". The "Prime Award for the best brand enterprise in China 2009" is of a similar rating; it was awarded to BUBEN&ZORWEG in the category "Luxury Watch Accessories" and to other brands such as Mercedes-Benz and Cathay Pacific, who were among this year's winners in other categories.

Objet de Temps II: experience the masterpiece of craftsmanship live

Visitors to the new boutique in Peking can experience with all their senses why BUBEN&ZORWEG occupy this outstanding position within the discerning circle of passionate watch collectors.

It is a combination of a passion for perfection and for innovation that defines the company's philosophy, and this passion is palpable in the Peking boutique. Clear, elegant lines and a stylish mix of refined materials set the stage where exclusive masterpieces of craftsmanship perform. The much sought-after (and limited) "OBJET DE TEMPS II" so coveted by enthusiasts is at the centre of attraction in Peking. Its every detail reflects the pinnacle of what is currently possible in the fields of watch-making, craftsmanship and technology: a double-sided (!) BUBEN&ZORWEG World Time Clock with the fascinating complication of a double tourbillon, a truly impressive master clock manufactured by the clock-makers of the House. An 8 kg weight-pull provides a 30-day power reserve; the new dial design with its large world time display blends harmoniously into the ensemble. The OBJET DE TEMPS II is a particularly eye-catching object; it is fitted to a solid stone base equipped with an electronically controlled rotating mechanism to present the masterpiece from all sides. It is the first time in the history of the House of BUBEN&ZORWEG that an acoustic action has been integrated in a chronological object and optimised in cooperation with an instrument maker:  an elaborately designed musical mechanism plays Mozart three times a day – with an absolutely fascinating sound. 12 TIME MOVER® watch winders complete the features of the OBJET DE TEMPS II.

BUBEN&ZORWEG Masterpieces Mastertraing

Lovers of fine timepieces will doubtlessly use a trip to Peking to pay a visit to the new boutique, just to see this magnificent "Object of time", the name bestowed by BUBEN&ZORWEG upon the masterpieces of craftsmanship among the large table clocks. And they will meet highly knowledgeable dialogue partners – BUBEN&ZORWEG has established a "Masterpiece Master Training Programme" to provide boutique staff with a well-founded introduction to the masterpieces of craftsmanship at the parent house in Austria.